Sustainability Champion — Breedon Group plc

Breedon Group plc is a leading vertically-integrated construction materials group in Great Britain and Ireland. It supplies the construction industry with the essential materials needed to build the places where we live and work, play and do everything in-between. It has moved up six places in the Top 200 this year, to number 8.

Despite operating in a sector that is one of the hardest to de-carbonise, Breedon is working hard to put sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) at the centre of its business. That’s why we’ve named them our ‘Sustainability Champion’ this year.

Breedon's sustainability agenda

For a business that relies on finite natural materials and carbon intensive processes to make its products, it’s a huge challenge to become more sustainable. Add to that the increasing demand for construction materials (concrete is now the most consumed man-made product in the world) and the scale of the problem could seem insurmountable. But Breedon is embracing the challenge.

The Group has committed to achieving net zero by 2050 (sooner if possible), through a sustainability strategy that focusses on three pillars: Planet, People and Places, all of which are underpinned by its fundamental operating Principles.

Here are some of the key areas of focus for the business within each pillar of its sustainability framework.


Breedon is focused on making a positive material difference to the environment in multiple ways, including:

Sunshine over Hope Cement Works with lake in foreground
Breedon's Hope Cement Works in Derbyshire


In addition to its focus on the environment, Breedon also aims to make a positive material difference to society by developing and empowering a diverse, talented workforce of over 3,700 people, and by ensuring they are a good neighbour to the communities in which they work.

The Group has a target to positively impact 100,000 people by 2030 and at the end of 2022, it was already over a quarter of the way there (28.9%).

Some of the Group’s highlights from 2022 include:


Breedon’s focus on research and development provides innovative, lower carbon products that help create a more sustainable built environment for everyone. This includes products for infrastructure projects that enhance climate resilience, such as flood defence schemes and green energy networks, and products that are made at lower temperatures, or use bio-based binders, or concretes with self-healing characteristics.  

Breedon has recently launched ‘Breedon Balance’ — a range of products that have enhanced sustainability attributes, such as a longer life, a lower carbon footprint, recycled content, and materials that are ethically sourced. By 2030, Breedon is aiming for 50% of its concrete and asphalt sales revenue to be derived from these innovative and sustainable products.


Underpinning the pillars of Planet, People and Places, Breedon’s focus on their fundamental operating Principles ensure that they operate their business responsibly:

The importance of Derbyshire

Derbyshire is an important region for the business. Around 15 of its c.300 sites are in Derbyshire, including its Head Office at Breedon-on-the-Hill near East Midlands Airport and a cement plant located in the Hope Valley within the Peak District National Park, which is the largest producer of cement in the UK. Many of the firm’s employees live locally and, where possible, the company uses local suppliers and services.

By being a Top 200 business, as well as a responsible neighbour and a good employer, Breedon not only makes a positive difference to the environment, but also contributes significantly to our local economy and our communities.