How our graduates helped a renowned clockmaker video transcript



I'm Bob Betts and I'm the Managing Director at Smith of Derby Limited.


Sorry about the clocks. (LAUGHS)

We've been working with the University of Derby for many years but recently, very much successfully in the Graduate Recruitment Programme.

We have to be on top of our game. We have to be competitive. We have to have the best designers. We have to be in tune with those designers, with what the industry segments are trying to do. 

So this team effort that we've got, and graduates play an important role in informing and passing that baton along.


I think it's important to get sort of, a role like this straight out. The solid work skills I've been building at uni, I can now apply and actually use it and utilise it in the industry. It's allowed me to develop my skillset.

To get introduced to brand new challenges that you wouldn't have necessarily have faced at university, so. And it allows you to have that experience in a working place really.

I think working for an SME means they're more focused on you. Next week I'm going out to a site visit with another one of my colleagues from a completely different department. And usually you wouldn't interact with them in a larger business.

And you're in charge of your own development as well, how I want to progress, where I want my role to go.


Being an SME, it allows you to work closely with other people and the job role is much more varied than it might be in a large company. So as opposed to sitting in a small place doing the same bits of CAD over and over again, I'm up and about and overseeing all the different areas of production of what you're designing and developing.

I've worked on a number of quite prestigious projects that are up and coming, including my first one that I designed from start to finish. And then, the next one I should be going to Dubai in the Middle East for Dubai Design Week. It's a good opportunity to be able to go to these design shows and also how to grow your own career.


As a city of innovation, Derby punches well above its weight in the UK. Highest salaries outside of London, biggest exporter in trade from the UK as a city.

So whether we did the clock at St Pancras International Station or at Arsenal Football Ground where we do the Stadium Clock, my product designers will not only participate in conference calls for design with these design offices, but they're going to have to go and see these guys face to face.

Very exciting time I think for graduates who are joining the right companies who are looking out, looking further afield than just down the road for the future of the business.


How our graduates helped a renowned clockmaker video

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