Meet Bea Russell of Flomotion video transcript

Light-hearted guitar strums with cheerful pop music.

Image of a tall, brick building with blue sky behind. University of Derby white logo slides onto the screen and stops in the middle of the screen.

Cut scene to a young woman with shoulder-length, brown hair, a white jumper and nose ring with the backdrop of a brick wall and a blue lycra cycling suit.

"I'm Beatrice Russell and my company is Flomotion and we do wearable innovation for sports and tech brands."

A brown table ledge swipes down from the top of the screen to reveal a video of Beatrice leaning over the table lining up fabric. Cut to a close-up of Beatrice's slicing fabric with a hand cutter.

"The space has been great for allowing me to grow. When I first joined I had just one studio. And as we've got bigger," 

Cut back to Beatrice with brick wall backdrop.

"and taken on more equipment, we've now got a second studio on the same floor. I actually saw the space when I was back in college. We did a tour of Banks Mill many years ago."

Cut to a close-up of the blue lycra cycling suit.

"And reached out to them to see if, I  could join and be a business within the incubation scheme."

Cut to a close-up of Beatrice pinning fabric.

Cut to a close-up of a young woman with blonde hair, tied in a ponytail, with a green T-shirt, leaning over a sewing machine. 

"And it turns out that that was the only time they've ever done a college tour."

Cut to Beatrice speaking to the camera with a brick wall backdrop.

"So, I kept telling them they should do more because I'd always remembered it. The flexibility of the space has been really good because it's allowed me to do like late nights, early starts. It works around me like my family, whatever my schedule is."

Cut to a close-up of the young woman with blonde hair and a green T-shirt, folding fabric squares and placing them in a small blue basket, then feeding fabric through a sewing machine.

"Last year, I had an intern. So, the university provided some student support when I needed it back then. I had a fashion student come in, to intern with me for three months."

Cut to Beatrice speaking to the camera with a brick wall backdrop.

"And that was pivotal for me because that actually made me realise I needed extra hands. I hadn't had anyone else help me at that point but that's why I've now got Alice because that first student made me realise I  needed more help. Whilst being at Banks Mill, I've had the opportunity of working with Mark Gilman.  He's been helping me get a business strategy together and it's been critical for everything I've done since then. We've been using all of the phrasing, the wording, and the direction that I want to go in has helped me subsequently apply for Innovate UK Grant applications. We've been using all the work I did with Mark to help support that work and get that grant."

A black screen swipes up from the bottom of the screen. University of Derby white logo appears in the middle of the screen with a link to the Banks Mill Studio website

Meet Bea Russell of Flomotion video

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