China Petals Interview video transcript

[A white University of Derby logo slides from the bottom of the screen, with a tall brown brick building in the background]
[Update beat pop music]
Hi, I'm Diane, 
[Diane appears on screen wearing a pink leopard print top, medium, blonde hair, and rectangle glasses, smiling]
My business is China Petals and  I'm a mosaic artist who also designs and sells mosaic kits.
[Cut to Diane sat in front of a large white table, laying pink glossy beads into a pattern on the table] 
Being in Banks Mill, the community is really important to me. 
[Cut to Diane in talking to the camera again]
Working at home can be quite isolating as an artist so being in a community of other artists to bounce ideas off and who 'get you' is really, really lovely.
[Cut to close u of Diane's face looking down while working]
I regularly attend peer support group meetings. It's a great way of seeing other people in the building and getting ideas from them and you know, people come up with different ways of approaching a problem so it's good to do.
[Cut to Diane talking to the camera with a large, blue and white China Petals poster in the background]
The support from the University of Derby has really helped my business. Anything from the student Twitter takeover, where in November a small group of students took over my Twitter account and posted and engaged, just so they can see how social media works when it comes to business.
[Cut to camera panning over a wooden shelf stacked with different coloured beads in jars] I've also been a live brief a couple of times,
China Petals has been used with business students where I've given them an issue that's happened in the business and they've taken that away and come up with solutions.
[Cut to Diane talking to the camera]
At the moment, I've got two interns working for me which is really good for both of us because I get help in the practice, and it also shows me, as the business develops, what help I'll need in the future. For them, they get to see behind the scenes of how to run a creative business.
[Cut to close-up of a studio desk that is scattered with small, wooden boxes, a small pot full of pens, rulers and scissors, and mosaic flowers] The business support we get from Banks Mill has been really helpful, especially when first starting out, to focus on what was important and where I wanted to go.
[Cut to Diane talking to the camera]
The support from Banks Mill and the Chamber of Commerce has grown for me as my practice pivots, and changes, and develops into something different from where I first started. Banks Mill is really flexible to move studios. I started in one place on the second floor and then a space became available on the first floor so I  was able to move, and then I moved to a bigger space and I'm now moving onto another bigger space! So it's been really good to move as the business grows and also, in Banks Mill we've got lots of different creative businesses and I've worked quite closely with Studio74, they're product photographers and they've taken photographs of my products to put on my Instagram and website and to use in my printed materials as well. So it just shows how we can work together,  collaboratively with other people in the building. We all have different talents so it's great to be able to draw upon them when we need them.
[Cut to back screen with white University of Derby logo]

China Petals Interview video

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