Interview with Alexey Morozov, owner of MRZV Manufacturing video transcript

Hi, i'm Alexey Morozov. Owner at Alexry Morozov Atelier and MRVZ Manufacturing Limited at Banks Mill Studio.

I am originally from Latvia near Russia. I came to England literally studying first time. New culture, new language and it was really stressful for first year especially as I was only one as if from international students.

I was awarded for the best collection at the University of Derby and my second award the same year, I received from Gok Wan at the fashion show in Nottingham. He mentioned that he had never seen the skirt I had made in his industry for 22 years which was really great for me. I was like wow the fashion guru told me that!

I moved to Banks Mill in 2019 on the 1st of August I remember it as it was summer. I started from with the small alterations to do some dresses, costumes for drag queens. Before I started, before I moved to Banks Mill, I used to work for my room but when I found a studio in Banks Mill. I really was impressed with how much support you can get. The Interior of the studio is amazing. I think it was inspired by New York style like loft design is quite interesting with big windows and brick design as well.

As a part of the university's graduate student i'm really proud to be still kind of connected to the this University of Derby. Especially having support from University of Derby in the sometimes project which helps to for students and for myself as well

I'm so happy that i've got two students right now on the placement. One Hannah and Johnny.They're both in the second year which is great and i'm glad to share my experience, my acknowledges for the future which is most important and I will be really proud to be working with more students next year.

Interview with Alexey Morozov, owner of MRZV Manufacturing video

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