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Hello so my name is Abbie Sunter I'm a Ceramic Artist.

I mostly do sculpture I make other bits of things as well but sculpture is the main practice I studied Fine Art at Derby University and I graduated from there in 2013.

So I love having a studio because not only does it give you a space outside of kind of your home  or somewhere else to work so when you leave your house you come to your studio and you are here  to be an artist and to do your work so it's really focusing for that but it's also good because it's like a little cultural hub because you've got  so many people in one building doing the same thing but totally different.

I'm lucky because I share my studio and me and James can kind of bounce off of each other but because we see what we're doing every day we kind of sometimes know where we're going whereas you know like I say someone will come down the hall you go just come and look at this and tell me which color you think is better because I just can't decide and even little things like that's really helpful it's just someone being like put more blue on it like yes blue.

So even things like that it's like being back at university again where you've got that pool  of people to draw from so that's probably one of the best things about having a studio.

The Banks Mill Open Studios that we have at the end of the year in November is also one of the best things about having a studio here  because people know that every year oh it's Banks Mill Open Studios, You've got like 60 artists in one space that people can come and see over a weekend and it's brilliant because it means that you get people every year that come kind of religiously it's like every year that's the thing that they do in November but then there's also you get new people that come through and it's brilliant because you meet people who might never have seen your work before but then they come back because they know that you're here and having your studio at Banks Mill is like people in Derby know that's where you are you really easy to find you've got all these connections and they can come back every year and you're not going to be anywhere else you're not floating around like every year trying to find a different studio space you really kind of settled so that's definitely one of the better things about being here.

So yeah because of having a studio at Banks Mill we get outside support as well One of the best ones is having the creative coaching from the big house

The coach that i've had is Philomena she's amazing and it's so good because it you can get kind of  blindsided sometimes by the work that you're doing because you  sometimes you can forget what direction you're trying to go in and talking to Phil ,she'll go through she'll just let you kind of like blur and start all of your things and she'll pick out all these like little gems that you've said that you don't even know what you're talking about and she'll be like this is where you're going this 

is this is really good like and i can see all of  this work that you've done in this direction and she kind of lays it out for and you go oh yeah and it's brilliant because she's so helpful and it sounds like a really pathetic way of putting it but it is really helpful to have someone who's completely outside of your kind of work that you do in your studio but she can just focus in immediately on what it is that you're trying to achieve and especially if you're kind of doubting what it is that you're doing you're like i'm not sure if i'm even doing this right or she'll be like no no no  she'll just bring you back in straight away and I every time I talk to Phil I always come away really kind of energising with like a plan i'm like yeah i'm doing that i'm doing thing.


Banks Mill Studios - Abbie Sunter video

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