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Why I chose to study in the UK

My name is Michal Kral and I am 21 years old. I am from the beautiful Czech Republic and currently living in the United Kingdom. Why? I study BSc (Hons) Marketing (Digital) at the University of Derby. I’m currently in my second academic year. I would like to share with you my experience of studying abroad.

By Michal Kral - 15 May 2019

A big decision at 18 years old

I struggled a lot after finishing my Maturita Exams (equivalent to A-level) and I didn’t know what I wanted to study. Why did I consider studying abroad? Is it possible to study in the UK for EU students? Is it worthy? If you have similar questions, continue reading.

It is not easy at all to decide at 18 years old about your future studies which will influence your career. I always envied people who know exactly what they want to do. This was not the case for me.

At 18, I started building some social media pages just for fun. It made me happy and, after a few weeks, it was an addiction to me. It also told me this could be the way forwards for my career. I started googling digital marketing programmes in the Czech Republic where I grew up. What a disappointment when I did not find a single digital marketing programme!

My misery continued until I listened to a talk at our school from a UK student. She told us about her experience studying in the UK and how it works. I couldn’t believe there are so many programmes available for EU students. Moreover, she explained the way of teaching is significantly different from the Czech system. There are more practical assignments such as creating blogs, presentations, leaflets etc and an emphasis on real-world learning. I knew these skills are necessary for my future career.

I was so excited about it and contacted the Unilink agency which helps students who are thinking about studying in the UK. They helped me with my application and finance options and recommended the BSc (Hons) Marketing (Digital) degree at the University of Derby. I did not hesitate and applied. One month passed and I was accepted!!!

Choosing the University of Derby

I chose the University of Derby because it has a very modern campus and, to be honest, the website is fantastic. I couldn’t visit the campus in person so instead I used the Virtual Tour online. The website is so fresh, easy to use and is a beautiful representation of the University. It is synoptic in comparison with other universities, which do not have an eye-catching design, and it made it easy for me to navigate round to do my research. I also appreciated the large University library and the laptop provided for the duration of my studies.

Another reason why I chose Derby is because of the Digital Tools, Technology and Platforms module. This module helped me to choose the University of Derby because is not taught at many other universities. In the first semester, we created a digital audit, strategy and plan for a case company, which is a very essential skill for digital marketers.

In the second semester, the first assignment was to develop a blog plan and the second one is the blog creation. I’ve already had experience with creating blogs because I have written my Czech blog for a few months and I had a blog in the past as well. I used WordPress for blog creation as I am used to using it and I conclude it is the best tool for blogging. Writing the blog as a part of this module has helped me improve my written English. I have learned how to write interesting articles and it encourages me to watch marketing content, webinars and podcasts.

My experience so far

I have completed many different and interesting modules, which will be very helpful in my future career. All modules are well organised and contain a lot of useful information.

I can recommend studying in the United Kingdom for everyone. It is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Obviously, it is not always easy as I am secluded from my family, there is a different culture and English is my second language. However, I have never met a person who would not help me.

The British are always very kind, helpful and sympathetic. Studying in the UK  brings me so many benefits, I will gain the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma in Professional Marketing alongside my degree and I have access to internship opportunities. I haven’t hesitated one single day wondering whether the studying here is worthy. It is! I believe it will influence my future career positively and I will gain the knowledge and skills to put me one step ahead of my future colleagues.

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Michal Kral
Digital Marketing student

I am currently a second year Digital Marketing student from the Czech Republic, also having my own online business. I created my own blog as requested in our assignment and I post digital marketing content on there. When I am not online, you will find me in the kitchen. I love meal preparation.