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Where to celebrate uni success in Derby

The Summer break is rapidly approaching, meaning you may be spending time back home with family and old friends whilst lazing around in the sun.

By Emily Webb - 5 May 2017

Before all the fun begins, deadlines need to be met and exams are to be sat. It may seem like the boring bit however the excitement is real knowing that everything you’ve worked hard for, is almost over. Then it’s time to celebrate with all of your course friends.

There are plenty of places in Derby to do this, so it should be easy to find something to suit everyone. Let me talk you through 3 activities that you can arrange to do in town.

Food and Drinks

There are plenty of places for you to book a table to have a sit-down meal. Allowing for a relaxing vibe and a good natter with everyone! My top three places are:

1. Turtle Bay

Enjoy the taste of the Caribbean and enjoy the reggae aesthetic surrounding you. There’s a great selection of food and drinks on offer and with 2 ‘4’ 1 cocktails!

2. The Book Café

You can’t miss this place in town with their bright lights and window display. It’s perfect for some lovely lunch as a group as well as a cuppa and cake.

3. The Standing Order

Wetherspoons is the perfect location for great reasonably priced pub grub. There is definitely something to suit all taste buds so there’ll be no last-minute bickering over food types!

Our course headed into town shortly after our hand in to celebrate, trying out quite a few of Derby’s greatest cocktail bars… as well as having a bite to eat of course!

Oxygen Freejumping

Bouncing around on a trampoline for a few hours is a great way to get everyone together and have a tonne of fun. The activity allows for a large group to take part, which is perfect for everyone to have a go at the same time. Some of the features include a battle beam, drop tower as well as the main trampoline area. Guaranteed to laugh away any stress from the busy exam period. You can easily travel by foot or hop on a bus. Find out more or book on their site.

Adventure Golf and Bowling

Some of Derby’s latest attractions are the Paradise Island Adventure Golf and Hollywood Bowl. Both are located on level 3 in the main shopping centre. Each of the activities provides an amazing setting to have a bit of competitive fun with your fellow course mates. Immerse yourself into the tropics whilst you putt your way through a palm tree paradise. Or have the ultimate bowling experience and book a lane for a party of you.

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Emily Webb
Textiles Design Student

Aspiring textiles designer now in the second year of university and planning to make a career in the digital print industry. As hobbies I like to post on my lifestyle/fashion blog and youtube channel as well as continuing to be creative at home. Badminton player and dog person.