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Studying in the UK - FAQs for International Students

Mohika Shankar, an international student from Delhi answers the frequently asked questions about moving to the UK to study

By Mohika Shankar - 22 April 2021

To get a better understanding of what it is like to come to Derby from another country, we spoke to Mohika Shankar, an international student from Delhi, to find out what she loves about the UK.


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Moving from India to the UK has been one of the hardest but most character-building transitions I have gone through. My advice to international students would be to keep an open mind and just observe and absorb in the first few weeks.

Mohika Shankar
Dance and Movement Studies and Psychology

What does it cost to live in the UK?

“Studying in the UK is good value for money and the average costs have been found to be lower than in both USA and Australia. While living expenses are largely impacted by lifestyle, spending habits and choice of accommodation, it has been estimated that a minimum of £1,015 is spent by a student each month - including accommodation fee, bills, travelling, food expenses and other utility expenses.”

What do I need to bring with me from home?

“I would recommend that you bring with you your important documents including passport, visa documents, educational certificates, financial statements and medical documents; all the necessary electronic appliances i.e. laptop, iPad, chargers along with your mobile phone with a working sim card. Some sufficient stationery, planners, photographs of family and friends; appropriate clothing, medicine, face masks and sanitisers are essentials. Kitchenware, room and bathroom essentials are easily available in stores so you do not need to pack everything except a towel and some toiletries (toothbrush, paste, etc.). Most importantly, do not forget to bring cash with you as it is of great help before you are able to set an account for yourself in the nearest bank.”

How’s the weather in the UK?

“The weather in the UK can be quite unpredictable. One can experience gusting winds, radiant sunlight and drizzling rain in a single afternoon. On average the temperatures in winters fluctuates between 2 to 7 degree Celsius and in summers it can occasionally reach up to 30 degree Celsius during a heat wave. An umbrella, however, must be an essential whenever going out. It is also advised to layer your clothes to be ready for any kind of unforeseeable weather changes.”

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What are your favourite cities in the UK?

“My favourite cities in the UK are Bath, Liverpool and Derby. Personally, I feel Derby is an ideal city to move to being an International student. Shifting countries can be very stressful and so this quaint city helped me settle down more comfortably and helped me adapt to all the changes better. I coped a lot better than I would have if I had shifted directly to a bigger and crowded city like London. Coming from Delhi, which is a heavily populated metropolitan, Derby gave me a chance to experience and appreciate the finer things in life and create a steady pace in life.”

How safe is the UK?

“I would say that the UK is very safe for international students. With 24-hour security on campus and accommodation, the universities and institutions give utmost attention to the safety of students on campus and generally as well. Most campuses have a special body that ensures safety of international students providing contact numbers to get in touch with officials in case of any emergency. The CCTV surveillance and on-site security round the clock ensures a safe environment for all students.

I was a very shy and introverted person when I first arrived, but the time I have spent with people coming from diverse backgrounds has made me much more confident. All my worries about making friends and living alone in an unknown country have vanished as I have settled and mixed with the people here very well.”

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International student Mohika Shankar

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Mohika Shankar
Dance and Psychology student

Mohika is a second year international student from Delhi, India, studying Dance and Psychology.