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My Clearing Experience: Making the grade

Student, Maryam Adesoji, tells her Clearing experience and explains how she went from not submitting her application to securing her place on results day. 

By Maryam Adesoji - 14 June 2018

My decision to go through Clearing was an impromptu one. I thought I would have to repeat a year of college because I wouldn’t get the grades for university. After completing the personal statement part of my application, I decided that it was pointless for me to submit my application.

I had given up on the thought of going to university in September.

Making the grade

When results day came around I applied for another year of college as I had expected to, but after collecting my results and realising I had done better than I had anticipated I calculated my UCAS points. It was at this point I realised that I might have enough points to be in with a chance of going to university in September. After having a few quick conversations with my friends and family who encouraged me to apply, I knew I had nothing to lose. My sister pointed out that the university I rang would help me with any questions that I had and would support me through the whole process. So when I got back home I called the University of Derby to discuss my situation with them. My sister was, of course, right because as soon as they answered the phone the University was ready to help.

Making the call

After speaking to a member of staff on the Clearing hotline, they emailed my offer along with more information on the next steps. One of my main concerns was that I hadn’t completed my application and I was worried that it would affect my offer, but they reassured me that it wouldn’t be a problem and that not completing my UCAS application would not affect my offer. It wasn’t too late to apply!

Waking up the next morning I still couldn’t believe I was going to university in September, it had been a whirlwind of a day but results day had turned into a real positive. I really can’t find the words to describe how I was feeling, I thought I was dreaming! The news started to settle in: I was really going to university.

I’m so glad that I spoke to my friends and family about my options, I knew I wanted to apply but I needed reassurance. Their support and encouragement on the day made a real difference. Knowing they were behind me gave me the courage to explore all of my options.

Clearing gave me the opportunity I thought I would never get. Making the step to call the University of Derby Clearing hotline was the best decision I have ever made.

My advice to people at college, or planning to go to university is even if you think you cannot make it, give the Clearing hotline a call anyway, the guys on the hotline are ready to help you. All you have to do is make the phone call. Discuss it with your teacher, your friends, your family and take the next step, the University of Derby is there to help you the same way it was there to help me.

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Maryam Adesoji
Economics and psychology student

A 19 year old student aspiring to make an impact in peoples life and to travel. Eager to learn new and challenging things, I believe there's nothing you cannot achieve, you just have to work hard for it.