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5 apps for an easier student life

Our phones are always attached to us in some way or another, especially as students! So we might as well take advantage of it and maximise their use. If you’re struggling to keep organised with all the various aspects of uni life then maybe the following apps will help make things a little easier.

By Emily Webb - 24 April 2017

Dropbox and Onedrive

Two really simple ways to share files between devices. The advantage being that you don’t need to lug around anything heavy as your files are stored in one place. Have these apps on your phone, desktop and university computer and your files will be there. I always find myself using these as I usually max out my USB’s within a few weeks!

My Study Life

An app that keeps track of your tasks, schedules your classes and notifies you of your exams. With the help of this app, you’ll find yourself being organised to a T. Impress your lecturers by being fully prepared for every class and get ahead of the game!


University life can be pricey so what’s better than getting student discounts? By having this app on your phone, you are entitled to access discounts across a vast range of stores, restaurants and online shops. All you need to do is sign in as a student and show your UNiDAYS iD to any participating store. Prepare yourself for a bombardment of family/friends back home wanting to go shopping with you!

Daily Budget

Keeping on top of money can be challenging, but it can be made much simpler with the use of a budgeting app. The app will simply take note of your income and give you a daily budget based on the information you provide. And if you’re saving for a rainy day, the app will work with you to set achievable targets.

Local Transport Apps

Trains, buses, taxis, you name it! Getting around is an essential when living in your new city and having somebody to take you is a bonus. These apps will provide quick access to timetables as well as letting you purchase a journey. Always handy when you don’t really know your way around yet.

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Emily Webb
Textiles Design Student

Aspiring textiles designer now in the second year of university and planning to make a career in the digital print industry. As hobbies I like to post on my lifestyle/fashion blog and youtube channel as well as continuing to be creative at home. Badminton player and dog person.