Course details

Start date

Planned for January 2020

Course length

Minimum of 4 years

Lecture/workshop days - dates/times

Face-to-face sessions will be delivered in blocks and we can be flexible, arranging them to fit around the workplace.

Course description

On this apprenticeship, you will develop all the knowledge, skills and behaviours that effective project managers should have, at the same time as gaining a recognised university degree.

You will develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

You will also develop behaviours such as leadership, collaboration, innovation, ethics and professionalism, and inclusivity.

The programme can also be tailored to specific industry sectors, if the demand is there. However, 80% of the content is on-the-job elements and work-related learning tasks, so it will be very closely linked to your role.

This course is currently subject to validation.

Professional female giving a presentation

Structure, certificates and assessment

This apprenticeship runs over a minimum of four years. As well as your on-the-job learning, you will be studying for a degree.

This academic study will be through 'blended learning' - a combination of face-to-face and online teaching. Face-to-face sessions are delivered in blocks and online learning can include group webinars, independent activities or reading for half a day per week between the block study sessions.

You will be assessed on projects you complete for your employer, which must have real impact (for you and for your workplace). Your employer will help us design these assessments. 

Your employer will be able to track your progress through an online portal.


Benefits to employers

Your apprentices will:

Entry requirements

Employment requirements

You must currently be in paid employment of at least 30 hours per week and your employer must cover the costs of the apprenticeship.

Academic requirements

Employers usually set their own selection criteria and entry requirements and we can work with them on this. However, typically an apprentice might be expected to have appropriate level 3 qualifications, such as A-levels at grades A to C or equivalent, as well as Maths and English at Level 2 (eg GCSE).

Fees and funding

The fees will be paid for by the employer. 

More information for employers

The cost of this apprenticeship will normally be in line with the funding band £22,000 but we will consider individual agreements, depending on student numbers and your involvement.

If you pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, this funding will be used. If you don't, generous government subsidies are available - talk to us to find out more.

How to apply

You need to apply through your employer. 

However, you can find out more from us - please see below for contact information.

Contact us

Apprenticeships Hub +44 (0)800 001 5500

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