The PG Cert Leading Interprofessional Practice education programme consists of two mandatory level 7 modules. The programmes will take one cohort per year, beginning in September to coincide with the new academic year. The programme can be taken over one year as an apprenticeship.

Module 1

Innovating learning, teaching and assessment toward enhanced professional practice

This module focuses on how teaching and assessment in the Health and Social Care context supports learning in diverse professional and academic settings. Higher education should, and can be, designed and delivered to motivate and inspire diverse learners and to deliver teaching and assessment practices that impact positively on the students and their subsequent service users. It is premised on the following components:
1.    Your personal context and identity as a practitioner
2.    The context of higher education in the wider workplace
3.    Knowledge of learning theories, teaching and assessment principles and practices, and tutoring approaches

In addition to the above, you will also need to study module 2:

Leading and evaluating the curriculum

In this module, you will begin to demonstrate agency and leadership in academic professional practice, at a level appropriate to your role, by designing and/or delivering active learning innovations in interprofessional Health and Social Care practice education. Building on module 1, you will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours to support advanced critical practice in curriculum design, monitoring, and evaluation of impact. You will draw on Health and Social Care data and quality assurance principles and processes as well as pedagogic theories and research. The work you undertake builds on your development as an academic professional concerned with social justice and positive outcomes for all students and applies knowledge of education for sustainable development, curriculum design for equity and decolonisation across the Health and Social Care sector. The organisational and university’s civic agenda will be the context on which to build your role as an innovative academic professional practice educator.

Learning and teaching methods

All study materials, readings, guidance, and handbooks on this programme are available in an online format.

The learning and teaching methods predominantly used are as follows:

External Accreditation / Recognition

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