Please note that all modules are core.

  • Developing projection radiography (20 credits)
  • Developing imaging practice (20 credits)
  • Professional skills in clinical practice (20 credits)
  • Advancing projection radiography (20 credits)
  • Advancing imaging practice (20 credits)
  • Advancing professional skills (20 credits)
  • Independent scholarship (40 credits)
  • Transition to practice (20 credits)

How you will learn

Training will be delivered online via the University of Derby online platform, with regular synchronous tutor support to supplement the asynchronous high-quality resources.

This is a completely bespoke programme for apprentices, designed to align with the apprenticeship standard, ethos and pragmatic approach to assessment and learning.

The University of Derby has a history of delivering apprenticeship programmes which have been developed in conjunction with practice partners to deliver training that is fit for purpose and learners that are fit for practice upon completion. The University of Derby Online, spanning over 20 years and having a wealth of experience in delivering quality programmes through online collaborative learning media and methods, can ensure that learners are well supported even though they are working, living and studying at a distance.

You will study modules and in each module, there will be 10 units of study materials. The off-the-job learning study materials will aim to be aligned to the real world and to be patient-focused, in order to demonstrate impact to the users of our services. Wherever possible, stories, vignettes, videos and prompts (in a variety of formats) will be utilised to trigger reflection and evaluation of excellence in evidence-based practice.

The online materials will encourage you to review and reflect on the evidence base in relation to the topics under review - so not just 'what' we do but 'why' we do what we do. It will develop your curiosity in order to look for and review the evidence base, and debate current and future trends. You will be encouraged to work together in peer groups and in group spaces online (for example using discussion boards.)

To deepen your critical reflective skills, you will be invited to regular tutor-led sessions (synchronous) within each module. These online 'live' sessions will enable you to connect and interact with the programme team for debate, discussion and other activities. These sessions will also be recorded.

How you’re assessed

There are a number of practice-based assessments, all linked to the HCPC SoPs (2022) but the timing of these is very much down to the practice assessor. We indicate in the high-level plan a suggested 'pace' and there are regular tripartite reviews to take stock of progress.

Clinical assessments are part of a clinical portfolio which eventually forms part of the EPA; these will be assessed by the workplace mentor. Pebblepad will be used to record the clinical portfolio (EPA) and to keep relevant apprenticeship records.

Who you'll meet

You will be taught by qualified professionals with extensive experience. They have proven, sustained track records in higher education teaching.

Our staff keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector by undertaking continuous professional development.

Personal academic tutoring

Your personal academic tutor will work with you to help you get the most out of your time at university. Having someone to talk to about your academic progress, your university experience and your professional aspirations is hugely valuable. We want you to feel challenged in your studies, stretched but confident to achieve your academic and professional goals.

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