Why studying a Higher Degree Apprenticeship has benefited Anna video transcript

Scene opens with music playing in the background and a girl with a knitted black jumper facing the camera:

Anna Fitch: Hi I'm Anna Fitch and I am currently in my second year doing a Civil Engineering apprenticeship degree at the University of Derby but I also work for Greenhatch where I am a Junior Surveyor. I decided to go down the apprenticeship route because a lot of my friends have gone to uni and got in to a lot of debt and I thought it would make sense as I would get paid to go to University. I really enjoyed doing my degree alongside working because I am able to apply what I do in the workplace to my university studies. It gives me real world learning experience, it gives me good time management skills because after I have worked 8-5.30 here, I have to go home and finish all my coursework and uni work. I think completing this degree will help with my career progression as well as continuing to learn at Greenhatch.

Scene changes to images of the Greenhatch building and then a man in a white shirt:

Robert Page: Greenhatch Group are geospacial surveyors based in Derby, we have a very strong working relationship with the University of Derby, this has been going on for numerous years. The benefits of having an apprenticeship within the business, it ensures that we have people coming in to the industry who are keen to work and develop in this specific sector. Other benefits for the academics studies for our apprentices, they pick up different attributes during their academic studies which in the long term will lead them to managerial positions within Greenhatch and this hopefully aids staff retention and obviously the development of the company.

Why studying a Higher Degree Apprenticeship has benefited Anna video

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