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Following in my dad's footsteps: Kamil's apprenticeship journey

Kamil Ogrodowicz always wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and work in the mineral extractives industry. He's now making that ambition a reality by undertaking the Mineral Products Technician Higher Apprenticeship, which the University runs with Hanson UK. Here he reflects on his experience so far.

Why this apprenticeship?

"I applied for the Mineral Products Technician Higher Apprenticeship as my dad has always worked in the mineral products industry and therefore, I grew up interested in heavy plant. Naturally, I began asking questions on how materials are found, excavated, and handled further. The complexity of some of the processes intrigued me and I always thought I could potentially have a positive impact within this industry.

"I managed to find myself employed at a contracting firm for Hanson UK during a gap year prior to attending university. This made me look further into the industry in terms of opportunities. I found out about the Hanson LEAD programme and noticed it offered an apprenticeship route to a Foundation Degree in Mineral Extractives*, which perfectly aligned with my aspirations.

"This of course also meant that I’d continue earning a wage whilst receiving education that I would otherwise have to apply for a student loan to receive."

*Please note that this apprenticeship now offers a University Diploma qualification, rather than a Foundation Degree.

Hanson UK Mineral Products Apprentice Kamil with his dad

I feel that the combination of the University course and Hanson's training has given me a very unique opportunity to accelerate my progression

Kamil Ogrodowicz
Apprentice with Hanson UK

My experience

"The higher apprenticeship offered by Hanson UK and the University of Derby has been an incredible journey so far, offering me lots of new insights within the mineral products industry. I have already experienced a broad view of the business and spent some time in the following areas:

"Within all of these departments, I’ve had the opportunity to manage and assist with ongoing projects, driven by efficiency improvements, health and safety and the sense of satisfaction when a project has been deemed successful.

"The course content complements on-the-job learning very effectively by providing assignments and study materials that are relevant in today’s industry. The apprenticeship organisers — both on Hanson's end and Derby's — work very closely together and this helps organise learning objectives and create development plans specifically tailored, ensuring we meet deadlines and receive any support if required."

Boosting my career prospects

"I feel that this degree, experience and training has prepared me to go into the mineral products industry with a lot to offer. The qualifications such as the SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) Level 4, will help individuals like me when applying for jobs within the sector due to the importance of Health and Safety.

"I’ve also been able to network with people internally and externally. Having these contacts will be useful when looking for references and once stepping into a permanent role — I’ll have people to contact when faced with challenges such as site surveying services for asbestos, legionella, whole-body vibration etc.

"I feel that the combination of the University course and Hanson's training has given me a very unique opportunity to accelerate my progression." 

A group of students in orange high vis in a quarry

The Mineral Products Technician Higher Apprenticeship

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