It is important you recognise the relationship between your academic programme and your degree apprenticeship as they are linked together as a degree apprenticeship is a qualification which combines both academic and off and on the job training.  This is a mixture of on and off the job training.

The University and your employer will plan your 20% off-the-job training so that you can complete all the skills and behaviors for your end-point assessment.  The 20% off-the-job training includes:

You will be able to use your time at the University towards your 20% off-the-job training.

What you will learn

Apprentices will study the apprenticeship over four academic years below, over 3 semesters per year in years 1 – 3 and 2 semesters in year 4.  The technical element of the programme will be delivered from Markeaton Street from September 2023.  


  • Programming
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Computer systems, data structures and data management
  • Foundations of Embedded Networks, IIOT and Security
  • Business Management and Regulations 

After year 1 you will move to a new apprenticeship standard.

  • Programming language paradigms 
  • Software Engineering
  • Testing, Validation and Integration 
  • NVQ
  • Corporate Responsibility and Professional Development 
  • Work-based team project
  • Model-Based Design
  • Concurrency and communication
  • Real-time Embedded Systems
  • NVQ and Gateway Prep
  • Defining a project linked to KSB and Gateway
  • Data mining and foundations of AI
  • Individual Project
  • End Point Assessment Prep
  • End Point Assessment