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I'm Sue Jennings, I'm the Head of Derby Law School here at the University of Derby.

At Derby Law School we have a range of Law degrees for anybody who is passionate about studying Law and is wanting to go into a career as either a solicitor or a barrister

or a whole range of other opportunities that a Law degree brings.

One of the key selling points of our Law degree here at Derby is that we have a focus on real-world learning so that students develop the employability skills that they need.

Derby Law School has a fantastic relationship between its students and its staff, and this is in large part due to the fact that we are relatively small Law school. Students here and not just a number, students get to know the lecturers on a one-to-one basis. There's a really strong learning community where students work alongside lecturers to develop different projects and different activities, and to make the Law School their own.

Students studying Law at Derby will attend a blended mix of lectures and seminars, both on campus, some online, which helps to develop your students' digital capability.

We've got a fantastic replica courtroom here where students can develop their advocacy and mooting skills and get to feel what it really feels like standing up in court. The teaching team at Derby Law School is made up of a fantastic mix of professionals who have practiced in Law and continue to do so together with academics who are experts in their field, that mix enables students to benefit from both the real world in terms of practice, as well as being able to develop a deeper knowledge of some of the really

interesting areas of research that are going on.

We have a professional mentoring scheme that students can apply to take part in, this gives students the opportunity to have one-to-one conversations with a professional,

to help them develop their CV and helping them to choose which career path they actually want to take. Students are encouraged to take part in a whole range of different activities that develop both their digital capability, their commercial awareness and their ability to actually do something with the Law that they learn and to take it out of the textbook, take it off the statute book and to actually find ways to create solutions to problems.

Law - your questions answered! video

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