Teaching Excellence video transcript

We start with a student smiling as she walks to campus.

We see an academic teaching an Accounting and Finance seminar session.

The student from the beginning talks with the academic about the chart being demonstrated.


In the next scene, we see an academic helping a student in the Journalism radio suite.

The academic explains how to use equipment, and the student switches open the audio channel and puts on their headphones.


We are with nursing students learning from their academic about the mannequin demonstration model.

A ‘crash’ is simulated, and one of the students begins resuscitative chest compressions on it.


We see a close up of a finger tapping a section of a textbook. Two students are talking quietly, with other students on their own desk in the background.

We reveal a judge in a law court environment, their academic observing the trial scenario.

The judge invites competing members of the prosecution and defence to stand.


A dark computer lab with a student working on a keyboard. Code is on the computer in the background.

The learner puts on a virtual reality headset and we see them interacting with a VR game.


In a primary school environment, a student invites answers from the children who raise their hands eagerly.

We see the student teacher interacting with several of the children directly, they nod their understanding.

Outside, the student teacher walks confidently.


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Teaching Excellence video

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