Student voice

Our students are invaluable to us and continuously help us to identify what works well across the University and where improvements could be made. #DerbyUniPower showcases some of the improvements we've made as a result of student feedback.

Social and study spaces

The environment that our students study in matters, so we've worked hard to ensure your study spaces follow the government guidelines and are "COVID safe", comfortable and functional for students.

We have also introduced the COVID-19 My Experience tile to ensure that you have the most up to date information to support you.  

Our students have given us some brilliant feedback and because of this, the University has been able to introduce improvements:

  • There's now an auto-renew service, which removes the automatic overdue fines  
  • We have a LiveChat to support you online, in real-time
  • We have an FAQ's help site 
  • There's a library booking system supporting the safe use of the spaces
  • We've increased online skills content, in response to the move to online delivery 
  • We have provided access to over 180,000 eBooks to help with the move to blended learning 
  • We host live streams by our expert team, along with additional drop-ins
  • SkillsFest events have been developed to support students online from across various departments to develop key skills 
  • Weekly Academic Librarian clinics were introduced by each College to provide support in using library resources. The clinics were tailored to attendees and includes finding and using journal articles and other resources for literature reviews and assignments
  • The refectory opening times at St Helena’s in Chesterfield have been extended
  • There are improvements to Wi-Fi coverage and connection
  • Eight more water fountains were installed across all sites
  • Microwaves are available at all sites
  • Short stay parking tarriff and new parking permits have been introduced
  • Continuation of the free Unibus keeping to COVID regulations
  • A visible and engaging security team to help with any advice or support

Careers and Employment Service

Throughout the student journey, we are there to support you along every step. Don't forget about our three-year promise to you! We're committed to staying with you for three years after you graduate. As part of our promise, you get lots of support and guidance including:

A student chatting to an advisor at the University.
Students attending careers fair and chatting to a careers expert.

Virtual summer celebration

2020 meant that we couldn't celebrate our amazing students' achievements through the traditional graduation ceremony. Following student feedback, we took the traditional ceremony and hosted it online. The celebrations have accumulated over 21,000 views with our awesome grads taking part from 42 countries. 


Unibus travel is free for University of Derby staff and students with a valid ID card. We encourage staff, students and visitors to choose the Unibus as their preferred travel option to the University, as well as around the city and between each University site.

Student services

We’re always listening to student feedback and reflecting to ensure that our offer to students is the best it can be.

Some of our student improvements this year:

Students socialising
Students socialising informally

Digital Learning

With a move to more online sessions, we’ve made improvements for your digital learning platform by: 

Anything else?

Your voice has helped us develop services to better suit your needs:

Student having a conversation

Student Panel

We work hard to ensure our students are at the heart of what we do. Thank you to all students that have given their feedback to help improvements and developments.

Find out more about our Student PanelFind out more about our Student Panel

The University and your Union of Students

The University and your Union of Students work collaboratively to keep student voice and feedback at the heart of the conversations. 

The following improvements have been secured by Union reps because of your feedback 

Your diverse team of elected Union officers successfully campaigned on your behalf this year for:  

Your 1000+ elected programme representatives successfully campaigned on behalf of their cohorts for: 

Student talking to another student

US College Student Voice Forums

New College Student Voice Forums have been introduced in collaboration with the University for more opportunities for you to feedback about your experiences.

Discover more about the US College Student Voice ForumsDiscover more about the US College Student Voice Forums

In response to COVID-19 your Union has been responding to Student Feedback in the following ways to support you: 

The Union regularly and passionately presented student feedback gathered, including via the Ideas Forum, to the university influencing the no-detriment policy and the improved support with University accommodation during lockdown. The Union provided a safe and accessible service including; advice live chat, online Union Awards and COVID Secure events including an outdoor 2 day Freshers Fair where our clubs, societies and student led services promoted themselves.  

The Union Covid-19 support hub is kept up to date with attractive, relevant and engaging content for you. 

Alongside government guidance and a weekly update from our President, the Union recently added: 

Your Unions aim is to keep the content fresh and reflective of student needs; working closely with our Part Time Officers and Peer Assisted Learning leaders to contribute top tips and student picks. There has been signposting to the hub over the winter break, and the Union looking forward to another batch of articles and recommendations now we’re in the new year.