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Dr Vladimir Antchak

Lecturer in Events Management

Vladimir Antchak


Events Management


Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism


Buxton Campus



Lecturer in Events Management

Link Tutor, NHL Stenden University, the Netherlands 

Teaching responsibilities

Research interests

My research interests include event tourism, event portfolio design, place-making, major events and their contribution to competitive identity and destination capitals. In May 2016 I completed my PhD in tourism and events. The research project explored critical aspects of event portfolio programming in different urban contexts in New Zealand.

My latest research project explores the effects of urban geography and city rhythms on the emotions and mood of individuals through the process of envisioning, capturing and accumulating sights. The research into the nature of the place experience in Buxton could become a starting point on the way of developing a sustainable tourist product that synergises multiple meanings co-created by different actors and communicates a unique and authentic story of this destination. The results of this research project will provide a basis for the development of the community and university-led initiatives towards enhancing the town’s profile as an attractive visitor destination. 


PhD in Tourism and Events (AUT University, New Zealand).

Recent conferences

Experience in industry

I have over ten years of experience in events management, including organisation of business workshops, conferences, cultural exhibitions, international business visits and presentations. The geography of completed projects includes Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, North-West regions of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Recent publications

Antchak V, (2018) City rhythms and events. Annals of Tourism Research, 68, pp.52 54,

Antchak, V., & Pernecky, T. (2017). Major events programming in a city: Comparing three approaches to portfolio design. Event Management, 21(5).

 Antchak, V. (2017). Portfolio of major events in Auckland: Characteristics, perspectives and issues. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events