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Valeria Carnevale

Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Practice and Senior Lecturer in Architecture


Architectural Technologies and Interior Architecture


College of Science and Engineering


School of Built and Natural Environment


Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am a Senior lecturer in architecture and the Programme Leader for Architectural Technology and Practice. I am a multi-disciplinary teacher with a keen interest in teaching and pedagogy. I enjoy teaching but also learning and bringing to the classroom everything I've learned. I am also involved in the outreach scheme providing lectures, workshops and other built environment 'fun' activities to younger -and older- audiences across the county.

Teaching responsibilities

I lead and teach some of the Design modules, these are the core modules where you will learn to 'do' architecture. They are creative modules where you will learn to draw, think and communicate. I also teach history and theory and some very fun modules and activities for younger students.

Professional interests

As an architecture professional, I am still engaged in design through personal projects and counselling for old clients. I also design my own furniture and house interiors.

I like to travel and visit as many famous -and not-so-famous buildings and cities around the world. I try to sketch what I see but also, being passionate about photography I record everything I see in order to bring it to you through my lectures.

I volunteer, whenever possible, in archaeological digs and enrol in seminars about new architecture and/or materials like Bamboo in architecture.

Research interests

My research interests encompass everything I have said, from pedagogy and teaching to architecture, building design and technology. Special emphasis on building design and the architect's thoughts now and through history. I am engaging in Bamboo construction and parametric design. Finally, part of my research and hobby is Roman archaeology in particular Roman glass.

Membership of professional bodies


Recent conferences

COVID Talks: Debate on the effects of Covid in architecture and the city. Panel members: architect John Morgan, Dr. Boris Ceranic and Valeria Carnevale.

Seminar Presentation: ‘La Arquitectura de Luis Barragan – Reflejos que Trascienden’ University of Valladolid. Spain.

Conference paper: Design Principles and Practice, Saint Petersburg.Modern architecture in Mexico, The beginning of a new architectural identity”.

Book Collaboration: ‘Remarkable Buildings of the World’ Eisman Studio. Quattro publication U.K.

Conference Presentation: IX ArchTheo ’15. Istanbul. Bilsas Dakam. “Diatreta Cups, Light In Roman Dining Spaces”

Publication: ‘To draw’ and ‘to Design’: Two different verbs, two different abilities. The International Journal of Designed Objects. Volume 8, Issue 1, 2014-2015, ISSN 2325-1379 © Common Ground.

Conference chair: Association of Architectural Educators (AAE) Conference 2013, Nottingham Trent University. U.K.

Conference Paper: “La Enseñanza del Taller de Primer Año a Través de un Sistema Holístico e Interdisciplinario en las Escuela de Arquitectura de las Universidades de Derby y de Nottingham. U.K.” Segundo Encuentro Latinoamericano en Viña del Mar, Chile.

Conference poster: “Samian Ware - Trade in the Roman Empire” (poster); Postgraduate conference. University of Nottingham (UK)

Research Excavation- C.L.A.S.B. Nottingham University school of Archaeology and Classics. “The Transition from Antiquity” Bulgaria. Survey, ceramics, zoo-archaeology, bio-archaeology and small finds.

Publication: “Mexico as another non-place: utopia, the museum and the problem of identity”. Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review. Journal of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments. Vol XXII. Number 1, Fall

Paper: “Thinking Architecture as Art: Cesare Brandi and his Conservation Philosophy” the Association for the Study of Modern Italy Annual Conference 2010, Italy and its Past. London

Publication: “Dubrovnik: Ricomposizione urbana di zone della cittá storica colpita dagli eventi bellici”, in Purini, ed, Il Metodo del Progetto. Orta San Giulio: SIACE

Experience in industry

I worked senior partner in an architecture practice in Mexico City, where i was in charge of design, client-architect meetings, team management and construction supervision. Our work was mostly within interior design and furniture design but we also built several new buildings. 

Most re-known clients were: Generali Asicurazione, Mexico; TERPEL S.A. de C.V. Microherros; NYCE Laboratorios; NYCE and MA y P. For these clients designs included building, interior architecture and interior design as well as furniture design and special factory features and spaces.

International experience

I worked in Italy for a restoration company participating in restoring the frescos of the Cathedral of the city of Novara and architectural surveys.

Partner in Meraz Arquitectos practice in Mexico City specialised in office and housing projects; interior and furniture design, and construction management.

Teaching architecture design and model-making at the Universidad Anahuac, Mexico.

Teaching architecture design and history at Nottingham and Derby Universities.

I have also done small projects of interior design and layout for clients in New York and the UK.

Additional interests and activities

Archaeological Diggs; Travelling diaries and photography, Bamboo construction.

In the media

Recent publications

Collaborator in the book: Remarkable Buildings of the World

Diatreta Cups, Light in Roman Dining Spaces

To Design or To Draw: Two different verbs, two different abilities, one result

Thinking Architecture as Art: Cesare Brandi and his Conservation Philosophy

Mexico as another non-place: utopia, the museum and the problem of identity

La Enseñanza del Taller de Primer Año a Través de un Sistema Holístico e Interdisciplinario en las Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Derby y de Nottingham