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Dr Urvashi Fowdar Gunputh

Researcher and Lecturer in Additive Manufacturing

Urvashi Fowdar Gunputh in her working environment


I am a Researcher and Lecturer in Additive Manufacturing at the University of Derby. I have a multidisciplinary background in Biomaterials, Nanomaterials, Medical Science and Biomedical Engineering. I received a PhD from Plymouth University and a Master’s with honours in Biomedical Engineering from Brunel University.

I am involved in, but not limited to, aerospace, healthcare and low carbon projects. Examples of my works are Additive Manufacturing of outlet guide vane (OGV) in IN718 using a Renishaw AM250, Lattice (Auxetic) parts design and 3d printing, Prototype development for sustainable tooling, Face Shield development for the Healthcare Industry, Ankle Foot Orthoses Design and Manufacture for the NHS.

Currently, I am also the Theme lead for Sustainable Materials, Design and Manufacturing for the ERDF DECarbonise project, whereby we support SMEs in the D2N2 region with the support in decarbonising their traditional manufacturing process. There are a few projects that we are doing in collaboration with IPPT PAN in Warsaw, Louisiana State University, UC3M in Madrid, MUT in Warsaw and Universite de Lorraine in France. The projects are mainly on the Additive Manufacturing and Machining of IN718. I am supervising 2 PhD students, one at the University of Derby and one based in the Universite de Lorraine. I am in the process of becoming a STEM Ambassador.

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Recent conferences

Gunputh, U., et al. (2021). A Smart Factory Approach to Mass Producing Customised Healthcare Devices for Patients. Advances in Manufacturing Technology XXXIV. IOS Press Ebooks, IOS Press Ebooks. 15: 231-236

Recent publications

George Z. Voyiadjis, Reem Abo Znemah, Paul Wood, Urvashi Gunputh, Cheng Zhang, Effect of element wall thickness on the homogeneity and isotropy of hardness in SLM IN718 using nanoindentation, Mechanics Research Communications, Volume 114, 2021, 103568, ISSN 0093-6413

L. Delcuse, S. Bahi, U. Gunputh, A. Rusinek, P. Wood, M.H. Miguelez, Effect of powder bed fusion laser melting process parameters, build orientation and strut thickness on porosity, accuracy and tensile properties of an auxetic structure in IN718 alloy, Additive Manufacturing, Volume 36, 2020, 101339, ISSN 2214-8604

Wood, P.; Díaz-Álvarez, A.; Díaz-Álvarez, J.; Miguélez, M.H.; Rusinek, A.; Gunputh, U.F.; Williams, G.; Bahi, S.; Sienkiewicz, J.; Płatek, P. Machinability of INCONEL718 Alloy with a Porous Microstructure Produced by Laser Melting Powder Bed Fusion at Higher Energy DensitiesMaterials 2020, 13, 5730

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Urvashi F. Gunputh, Huirong Le, Kiruthika Lawton, Alexandros Besinis, Christopher Tredwin & Richard D. Handy (2020) Antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles grown in situ and anchored to titanium dioxide nanotubes on titanium implant against Staphylococcus aureus, Nanotoxicology, 14:1, 97-110

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