Dr Stuart Mourton

Position: Programme Leader - BSc Sport and Exercise Science, Lecturer in Motor Control

College: College of Life & Natural Sciences

Department: Life Sciences

Subject area: Sport and Exercise

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I am the programme leader for our BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree as well as lecturing on a range of undergraduate modules across the subject area. Additionally, I undertake research in the area of motor control, skill acquisition and cognitive functioning. I also provide research support to our MRes and PhD students, and am responsible for assisting marketing in the development of Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science open days. 

Teaching responsibilities

I am module leader for the Level 4 modules Academic and Applied Skills for Sport and Exercise and Motor Control and Learning, and for the Level 5 module Research Methods for Sports and Exercise. I am also a member of the teaching staff on the Level 6 module Applied Sports Science. 

Professional interests

I'm interested in the full range of facets within the subject areas of Sport and Exercise science; from issues such as coaching procedures and feedback delivery, to statistical analysis and psychological profiling. 

Research interests

My research has centred on the programming of simple aiming movements, the influence of response preparation on speeded decision making and the learning process involved in novel motor tasks. I have recently started to carry out work in the field of sleep deprivation, and it's effect on motor skills and reaction time. Through my connections with Special Olympics coaching groups I have also started to work in the field of motor learning and performance in individuals with an intellectual disability. 


Undergraduate qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science, University of Wales, Bangor

Postgraduate qualifications

  • Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology (MSc), University of Wales, Bangor

Research qualifications

  • PhD in Motor Control and Learning, Bangor University

Recent publications

  • Khan, M.A., Mourton, S.J., Buckolz, E., Adam, J.J. and Hayes, A.E. (2012)Spatial versus motor grouping in a free choice response selection task. In preparation for submission
  • Lawrence, G.P., Khan, M.A., Mourton, S.J., and Bernier, P.M. (2011).The Reliance on Visual Feedback for Online and Offline Processing. Motor Control. 15(2):232-46.
  • Khan, M.A., Mourton, S.J., Buckolz, E., Adam, J.J. and Hayes, A.E. (2010)The influence of response grouping on free-choice decision making in a response selection task. Acta Psychologica. 134(2) 175-181
  • Khan, M.A., Mourton, S.J., Buckolz, E. and Franks, I. M. (2008)The influence of advance information on the response complexity effect in manual aiming movements. Acta Psychologica. 127(1) 154-162
  • Khan, M.A., Tremblay, L., Cheng, D.T., Luis, M and Mourton, S.J. (2008) The preparation and control of reversal movements as a single unit of action.Experimental Brain Research 187(1) 33-40.

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