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Professor Stephan Reiff-Marganiec

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I am a Professor in Computer Science and the Head of School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Derby. My responsibility includes oversight of teaching and research in the school; my ambition is to continue evolving all subject areas in the school to further strengthen the interaction of teaching, research, and knowledge exchange and create greater interaction between the subject areas in the school and beyond to address current opportunities and challenges in an ever better-connected world. I strongly believe that interweaving the strands will lead to a strong impact on the local economy while providing great opportunities for our students and furthering our applied research agenda.

Prior to joining the University of Derby, I worked in a dual role at the University of Leicester, leading the Leicester Innovation Hub whilst being an Associate Professor in Informatics. As an Associate Professor, I was engaged in research and teaching in areas of web and cloud systems as well as IoT, leading the MSc course portfolio and international outreach. As Director of the Innovation Hub, I led industry engagement, focused on regional SMEs, across all subject areas at the University.

Teaching responsibilities

I oversee teaching and research within the department. I have also mentored, and continue to mentor, PhD students.

Research interests

My research considers runtime adaptation of complex networked software systems and approaches and software architectures for modelling, managing (using semantic data integration) and efficiently processing data for data analytics. I have a particular interest in architectures, data management and analytics that can be distributed and allow action close to the source of the data as is needed for smart environments.

I have pursued three related research strands which are now cumulating in solutions for problems in the context of IoT and Smart World solutions.

  1. I have conducted research in various systems that adapt at runtime, ranging from feature interactions in telecommunications, adapting workflows and selecting most appropriate software services and recently cloud and IoT resources. Solutions typically evaluating multi-criteria decision problems to dynamically decide which of many possible components providing a certain functionality are best for a given situation that has been created.
  2. A second strand focuses on data modelling and management; this uses technologies ranging from UML modelling to semantic web solutions to complex event processing (CEP) to capture data in the best possible way and to allow reasoning about the data – some of my current work is considering the application of AI techniques to such data.
  3. A third, and partly more recent, strand of work is focussing on fast data processing. The achievements in this strand are a platform providing a combined pull-push model for collecting data and accessing information with near-zero delay. This platform has been formally modelled using ITL (interval temporal logic) and hence can be formally reasoned about.

Bringing these strands together, I am currently investigating data processing platforms that optimise where data is processed (in device, fog/edge or cloud – or a combination thereof). This optimisation is driven by numerous factors such as the availability of the data to make decisions, the processing need and device capabilities as well as the speed and precision needed for deriving answers. Initial results exist for providing autonomy to IoT devices, allowing them to work in a peer to peer fashion and processing data locally as well as a hybrid approach for processing data in the cloud and edge/fog. We have also developed a simulator (FABIoT) to experiment with various data processing setups.

Externally funded research activities

I am (joint) principle investigator on the following projects:

The objective of the research is to develop a low-cost, easy deployable monitoring infrastructure for existing, vulnerable SCADA systems that is passive with respect to the monitored components and thus does not directly influence the behaviour of the control system.

The aim of the KTP is to develop innovative products for integrating financial data using semantic technology capable of automatically integrating data from multiple companies to create consolidated accounts and enable complex multinational financial analysis.

I am co-investigator in the following projects:

I am holder of the following Conference Support Grants:

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In the media

BBC Radio Leicester, 28th March, Live Interview with Jonathan Lampoon on SmartTechnology.

From Flying Warehouses to Robot Toilets –Five Technologies that Could Shape the Future. L.L. Minku, N.X. Verdezoto D, S. Reiff-Marganiec. The Conversation. July2017.

  • PC co-Chair of SOSE 2019 (13th IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented System Engineering)
  • Co-Chair of Workshop Track at IEEE Services 2019
  • PC Member of ZEUS 2019 (Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition)
  • PC Member of IoTBDS 2019
  • PC Member of TRIDENTCOM (13th EAI International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities)
  • PC Member of ICS-CSR (International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security 2018)
  • PC Member of ICSOC 2018 PhD symposium
  • PC Member of IEEE BigData 2018
  • PC Member of IoTBDS 2018
  • PC Member for IEEE ICWS 2018 (IEEE International Conference on Web Services)
  • PC Member for ICIOT 2018 (IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things)
  • PC Member of ICOSST-2018(IEEE International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technologies)
  • PC Member for ICWS 2018 (International Conference on Web Services)
  • PC Member for ICBC 2018 (International Conference on Web Services)
  • PC Member of ZEUS 2018 (Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition)
  • PC Member for ICSS 2016 (International Conference on Service Science)
  • Program Chair for the Software Architecture and Middleware Track at FICloud 2017 (5th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud)
  • PC Member of ZEUS 2017 (8th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition)
  • PC Member of IoTBDS
  • Program Chair for ICWS 2016 (23rd IEEE International Conference on Web Services)
  • PC Member for ICSS 2016 (International Conference on Service Science)
  • PC Member of ICOSST-2016(10th IEEE International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technologies)
  • PC Member of AICCSA 2016 (13th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications AICCSA 2016)
  • PC Member of UCC2016-Doctoral Symposium (The Doctoral Symposium of the 9th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing
  • PC Member of ICS-CSR (International Symposium for ICS & SCADA Cyber Security 2016)
  • PC Member of ZEUS 2016 (7th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition)
  • Track co-Chair of the applications and Industry Track at ICWS 2015 (22nd IEEE International Conference on Web Services)
  • PC Member for IoTBD (International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data)
  • PC Member for CBD2015 (Cloud Computing and Big Data; Track 6: Software Engineering)
  • PC Member for ICSS 2015 (International Conference on Service Science)
  • PC Member for ICIW 2015 (The Tenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services)
  • PC Member of ZEUS 2015 (6th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition)
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