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Rebecca Petronzi

Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education (Primary/EYTS) and English subject leader

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I am a Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education, teaching mainly on the BEd and MEdu.

The main elements of my role involve delivering lectures and workshops for undergraduate trainee primary teachers and supporting them during their school placement.

Having joined the University in September 2018, I previously worked as a primary teacher specialising in Early Years Foundation Stage and Physical Education.

Teaching responsibilities

I lead and teach on the English modules for undergraduates on the BEd and MEdu programmes. My role involves supporting beginning teachers in developing their subject knowledge and pedagogies for teaching reading, writing and Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP). Our beginning teachers are also expected to develop pedagogies and strategies to support children's development in speech, language and communication. As a result, I support their understanding in this area through workshops and tutorials. 

Alongside English, I also lead and teach on stage 4 for the M.Edu - particularly for our Curriculum Leadership and Management module. In this module, we explore a variety of leadership theories, national/international policy development and consider how to influence and evaluate change in educational settings. This module also hosts 'a Projet for Change', the stage 4 school experience element. Within this, I support our students to enhance the learning and teaching in their pathway through working alongside leaders in school to address key actions and priorities. 

Currently, I am a lead mentor for our first-year students. This includes supporting the implementation of the mentor curriculum and preparing our beginning teachers for professional practice. 

Research interests

Research interests include:

 I am also active in writing blogs regarding changes to educational policy, best practices in teaching and child development.


Recent publications

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