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Professor Ray Bull

Professor of Criminal Investigation


Social Sciences


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences

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Social, Cultural and Legal Research Centre, Better Society




One Friar Gate Square, Derby Campus



In 2010, I received from the Scientific Committee of the Fourth International Conference on Investigative Interviewing a “Special Prize” for my “extensive contributions to investigative interviewing”

In 2009, I received from the 'International Investigative Interviewing Research Group' the “Senior Academic Award” for my “significant lifetime contribution to the field of investigative interviewing”

In 2008, I received from the European Association of Psychology and Law an “Award for Lifetime Contribution to Psychology and Law”

In 2008, I received from the British Psychological Society the “Award for Distinguished Contributions to Academic Knowledge in Forensic Psychology”

In 2005, I received a Commendation from the London Metropolitan Police for “Innovation and professionalism whilst assisting a complex rape investigation”

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Investigative Interviewing.

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University of Leicester: 2004-2012 Professor of Forensic Psychology

University of Portsmouth: 1990-2004 Professor of Psychology

International experience

I have presented workshops/seminars/lectures/conference papers/training in the following countries:

Australia (e.g. at the WA and NSW Police Academies), Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil (e.g., to parts of the national government, police, prosecutors), Canada (e.g., at the HQ of the Quebec Province Police), China (e.g., at the Beijing Police Academy and at the Senior Officers’ University), Cyprus (e.g., at the National Police Academy), Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Estonia, Finland, France (e.g., at an event organized by The Gendarmerie), Germany, Indonesia (to over 500 psychologists), Ireland (e.g., at the National Police Training School), Israel (to the ‘Public Committee on Wrongful Convictions’), Italy, Jamaica (to the Independent Commission of Investigations and to police), Japan (e.g., to a number of law organisations), Jordan (at the Judicial Institute), Kenya, Malaysia (at the National Police Academy), Mauritius (at the National Police Academy), Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand (e.g., at various detective training sites), Norway (e.g., at the National Police University), Pakistan (e.g., to terrorism investigators), Peru, Poland (e.g., at the National Academy for Border Guards), Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia (at the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies), Singapore, South Africa (e.g., to the Police Behavioural Science Branch), South Korea (e.g., at the National Detective Academy), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan (at the Judges’ Academy, the National Police University), Thailand (to the Royal Thai Police), USA (e.g., to the FBI, to the ‘HIG’ initiative; to New York State investigators), Zambia

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