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Dr Phil Jones


Senior Lecturer in Policing (Research Methods)

Phil Jones

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Social, Cultural and Legal Research Centre




One Friar Gate Square, Derby Campus



I am a senior lecturer in policing (research methods) specialising in teaching academic research skills, social research methods, and evidence-based policing for policing students.

I am the chair of the College Research Ethics Committee for Business, Law, and Social Sciences.

I am a geographer, having earned my PhD in human geography specialising in quantitative methods and GIS.

Teaching responsibilities

I currently teach on the following programmes:

I am the module leader for the following modules:

Research interests

I specialise in quantitative social research methods and GIS. I am primarily interested in the spatial and geographical structure seen in all kinds of social phenomena.

Most recently I have been a postdoctoral researcher on the Thatcherism and Crime project. I contributed geographical skills and produced much of the project's geographical analysis. In collaboration with the project leaders - Professor Steve Farrall and Dr Emily Gray - we authored a number of publications listed on my ORCID page.

My PhD was in the geography of health inequalities and health resilience. I used GIS, quantitative methods, and spatial microsimulation to evaluate the effects of policy changes over the last decade.

I am a member of the Business, Law, and Social Science College Research Ethics Committee.

Membership of professional bodies


Recent conferences

I've presented research nationally and internationally, including at the European Society of Criminology and the American Society of Criminology.

Experience in industry

Before studying for my PhD, I worked as a social researcher in the public sector for a number of years.

In the media

Recent publications

  • Gray, E., Farrall, S. and Jones, P. M. (2022) 'The Long Arm Of Welfare Retrenchment: How New Right Socio-Economic Policies In The 1980s Affected Contact With The Criminal Justice System In Adulthood' British Journal of Criminology. 62(5). DOI: 10.1093/bjc/azac035 [UDORA open access manuscript version]
  • Jones, P. M., Minton, J. and Andrew, B. (2022) 'Methods for disentangling period and cohort changes in mortality risk over the twentieth century: comparing graphical and modelling approaches' Quality & Quantity. DOI: 10.1007/s11135-022-01498-3
  • Spooner, E., Hughes, C. and Jones, P.M. (2022) Police research and evidence-based policing. St Albans: Critical Publishing (The professional policing curriculum in practice)
  • Jones PM, Gray E, Farrall S. The spatial and temporal development of British prisons from 1901 to the present: The role of de-industrialisation. European Journal of Criminology. August 2022. doi:10.1177/14773708221115159

See my ORCID profile for my publications.