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Dr Mounia Karim

Senior Researcher in Solar Energy and Zero Carbon

Mounia Karim in a lab coat


Innovation and Research





I am a Senior Researcher in Solar Energy and Zero Carbon at the University of Derby with expertise in Materials durability used in the solar field of Concentrated Solar Power plants. I also have a considerable experience in the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of Renewable Energy plants on local communities. I am a former Course Director of Renewable Energy MSc course and am lecturing Concentrated Solar Energy topics and supervising MSc and PhD students.

Research interests

My current research activities are related to the durability of materials used in the solar fields of Concentrated Solar Power plants, CSP, solar thermal heating and cooling. I am working on assessing the impact of outdoor environmental conditions on the degradation of solar collectors by soiling and erosion.

Another part of my research activities is dedicated to the evaluation of the socioeconomic, environmental and livelihood impact of renewable energy plants on local communities.

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Recent conferences

SolarPACES is the main annual conference for CSP academics and researchers. I am involved in SolarPACES since 2012

International experience

I have very good international experience working on different projects with different Research and Development institutes, universities and industries from the UK, Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and India.

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