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I specialise in Biomechanics and Strength & Conditioning in the School of Human Sciences. My role includes teaching at an undergraduate and postgraduate level across a number of courses. I earned my doctoral degree under the guidance of Professor Tony Kay and Professor Anthony Blazevich. My PhD thesis compared the acute effects of warm-up strategies using free-weight and variable resistance on strength and power performance.

Three of the studies of my PhD Thesis were published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning, European Journal of Sport Science and Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. I continue to publish post-doctoral research in top-ranked, high-impact international journals and leads research projects in areas such as sports biomechanics and neurophysiology and I have developed a number of research collaborations with several universities internationally within the field. I also have extensive experience in the field working with high profile athletes.

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Sport and Exercise Science courses taught: Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation BSc (Hons), Performance Analysis and Coaching Science BSc (Hons), Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons), Sport and Exercise (MRes), Applied Sport and Exercise Science (MSc)

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