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Dr Mahmoud Shafik

University Reader in Intelligent Mechatronics Systems

Mahmoud Shafik


Electrical and Electronic Engineering


College of Science and Engineering


School of Computing and Engineering


Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am a Reader in Intelligent Mechatronics Systems and Technology, Department of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics, College of Science and Engineering, University of Derby, UK.

I am an international expert who has made a personal distinction and international recognition, in the field of Advanced Mechatronics Systems and Technology, with more than 20-years industrial applied research experience in Mechatronics Systems Hardware and Software, Innovation for Sustainable Engineering, Advanced manufacturing technology, Sustainable design and innovation in products and manufacturing processes, Control and instrumentation, Sustainable rail transport infrastructure, Cancer Treatment using CVD Diamond Radio Therapy Technology, Information Technology for Blind and Visually Impaired people, Chronic Diseases Technological Solutions, TeleHealth, Telecare, Assisted Living Technology, Automation, Electric Cars-Steer by wire, AD-HOC wireless technology, CO2 and climate change, 3D smart actuator for robotic guidance and machine vision, electro-rheological fluid micro actuators technology, software tools, and crises management and prevention. I also have a number of patents in these areas, of applied research and sustainable technology.

I have chaired, secured, managed and delivered several European Commission projects, FP5, FP6 and FP7 programmes, of a budget of more than 20 million Euro’s and have made a great economic and social impact in this area of expertise in UK and EU, as a whole. My research work has brought many innovative outcomes that have been used commercially by a number of Small to Medium and Large enterprise organisations around the world, such as: Intersurgical Ltd – UK, Veslatec Oy – Finland, Semelab plc. – UK, PTW Freiburg – Germany, Neotek – France, Kirchmayer Handel & Consulting GmbH – Austria, Spectrum Telecom Installations Ltd – Ireland, Diamond Materials GmbH – Germany, Fireworks International Ltd – UK, Pirotecnia Oscense SA – Spain, Total Motion Systems Ltd –UK, Micromech Limited – UK, Smart Technology Ltd – UK, Audi -Germany, Ford – UK, Schlumberger – France, Nissan – Japan and Rolls Royce - UK.

I have been supervising a number of PhD and MSc research students, across Europe and I have a number of industrial notes and several publications in international world leading journals and conferences.

My current roles at Derby involves Teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level (MSc & PhD Programmes), Creative and Engineering Technology, Research and Development, EC and UK bid writing, preparation, Coordination, delivery, management and Mechatronics Engineering across a broad range of European industries to help develop innovative new technologies for a diverse range of industrial applications.

It is always a pleasure to welcome the opportunity to discuss any possible academic and industrial collaborations and provide the necessary initial consultation.

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Teaching responsibilities

I teach on-campus and online students at undergraduate and postgraduate Level:

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Professional interests

Intelligent Mechatronics Systems and Technology & Creative and Engineering Technology & Sensors and Actuators & Medical Electronics & TeleHealth & TeleCare & Security & Renewable Energy Systems & Sustainability & Intelligent Systems & Software Tools & Crises Management and Prevention & Automation & Robotics & Robot Design & Robot Vision etc.

Research interests

My research looks at new products development and various technological problems facing Small to Medium and Large Enterprises organisations across Europe. This is mainly aiming to develop a new cutting-edge technology, to sustain their international development, business growth and bring up new products that help them differentiate them from market competitors.

Membership of professional bodies

  1. Member of Institute of Engineering and Technology [IET], UK
  2. ASME (American Society of Engineers) , USA
  3. Member of Advanced Mechatronics - Innovation through System Integration, UK
  4. Member of East Midlands Science and Technology Network (EMidST), UK
  5. Scientific Member, Member of the Scientific Research Workers Syndicate, Cairo, Egypt
  6. Member and Technical Advisor, Member of the technical staff of Egyptian Code (ISO) for rapid manufacturing and new product development Cairo, Egypt


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Recent conferences

I am Co-Chair and member of the committee of the following:

Experience in industry

Job Title: EC Coordinator and Principal Technology Investigator, Pera Innovation Ltd, UK

Job Title: Delivery Manager & Senior Technologist, Pera Innovation Ltd, UK

Job Title: Delivery Manager & Technologist, Pera Innovation Ltd, UK

This involved establish links with relevant and existing industrial partners, concept development, innovation management, projects initiation and coordination, technology investigation, bid writing/submission, delivery, management, knowledge transfer, product development, and prototyping, Mechatronics engineering across a broad range of European manufacturing industries, to help develop innovative new technologies for a diverse range of: medical electronics and robotics, intensive care, CVD diamond & silicon x-ray medical application, radio therapy sensors, data capture and monitoring, data acquisition system, semantic data technology, assisted living technology, TeleHeath, TeleCare, ad-hoc wireless networking technology, assisted living sensors, data capture and monitoring, chronic diseases sensors, data capture and monitoring, sensors and actuators, cumulative vacuum deposition diamond (CVD) sensors, silicon x-ray sensors technology,  optic-chemical sensors systems, co2 sensors, data capture and monitoring, piezoelectric ultrasonic actuator technology, electro-rheological fluid actuator technology, intelligent systems, software tools, crises management and prevention, and security.

Chair, Management and delivery of European Commission (EC FP6 & FP7), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI/TSB), single client projects, from initiation through to post implementation review, own the plan and agree it with the client/stakeholder & Negotiate and secure necessary resources. While other duties involve: Assisting other departments with projects development, prototype design, testing and commissioning; Communicating with the technical team that service the sales drive to design and present solutions to end customers (SME’s) and achieve targets; Identify bussiness needs and propose new strategy to engage in new area and market such as: Smart material, Automotive Industry,  Aerospace Industry and Robotic system; Establishing new opportunities in global market and maintaining close relationships with the existing client base; Helping on developing business further within EU and support our team in Denmark, Norway, France and other European countries.

Job Title: Innovation Consultant, Nexsis Technology Ltd, Cy

Job Title: Technical Consultant, EC, UK

Job Title: Chartered Engineer, Department of Aerospace, Eg

Additional interests and activities

Professional Activities

I am an Founder and Editor-in-Chief of:

International Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics -

I am also an international reviewer of the following International Journals:

  1. IMECHe, UK
  2. IEEE, Industrial Electronics, Mechatronics, UK
  3. IET, UK
  4. ASME, USA etc.

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