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Lindsey Strachan

Postgraduate research student


College of Arts, Humanities and Education



I am a Postgraduate research student researching how true crime and place interact, including the types of themes which are reflected in true crime dependent on the place in which the crime involved is situated and how this impacts the audience's understanding and opinions of the place concerned. My particular research involves a case study of Irish true crime and a number of documentaries about Irish true crime cases, exploring how these have impacted how audiences view Ireland, and whether this is consistent with how Ireland presents itself to this wider world. 

I completed a BA History at the University of Leeds in 2002. Having worked in Higher Education for many years, I then completed my MA Public History and Heritage at Derby in 2023, winning "The Highest Achiever for Postgraduate Programmes" prize for the academic year 2022/23. My MA thesis was titled "Murder at the Museum: Dark tourism and true crime at the Metropolitan Police Crime Museum and 'The Crime Museum Uncovered'". My research interests combine an interest in the dynamics of true crime and how this interacts with heritage and tourism more widely, including specifically in dark tourism presentations of true crime and how the meaning of place is impacted by crimes which occur there.

Away from academia, I have a passion for cricket and volunteer as a member of the Heritage Advisory Board for Yorkshire Cricket Foundation at Yorkshire County Cricket Club. I am a member of the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation and a regular visitor to Commonwealth War Graves cemeteries both in the UK and abroad, particularly in Belgium and France. I enjoy reading and genealogy in my (limited!) spare time. 

Title of thesis 

The Dark Emerald Island: The Relationship Between True Crime and Dark Tourism - A Case Study of Ireland