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Kiran Singh

Postgraduate Research Student


English, Creative Writing and Publishing


College of Arts, Humanities and Education





I am currently working on my PhD research project, which is a comparative study of the Panjabi translations of Shakespeare’s plays. It involves textual and thematic analysis. My focus is post-colonialism, decolonisation, partition literature, and feminism.

I am also a researcher, working for Ofsted. I am passionate about improving and raising the standard of educational experiences for students of all ages. I have also worked as a reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency. I am a Brilliant Club tutor and have produced materials for AccessEd, I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge and emerging research findings with school pupils who have so much potential.

I am a proud member of The Punjab Research group and presented at their annual conference in 2019 at Oxford University, where I received a special commendation prize for my paper.

I am founding head of the Decolonisation and Literature network. My first degree was in English, so I have used my undergraduate and postgraduate experiences to create this network. I have chaired the Race group at the University. My most successful event was the ‘Sikh Servicemen in WW1’ lecture evening. I have contributed to various panel discussions, for example, Seeta Patel’s after-show (Not Today’s Yesterday) discussion panel at Deda and ‘The Legacy of Sophia Duleep Singh’ researcher discussion panel at New Walk Museum, Leicester.

Thesis title 

The Panjabi Translations of Shakespeare: A comparative study


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Postgraduate research student Kiran Singh discusses the creation of the University's Decolonisation and Literature Network, why it is important to decolonise the literary canon, and the value of hearing from different voices.