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Dr Katia Vione


Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


University of Derby Online Learning

Research centre

Human Sciences Research Centre





I joined the University of Derby in April 2017, having previously worked as a lecturer in Brazil and as a teaching assistant at Cardiff University.

I completed a BSc and MSc in Psychology at the Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil) and PhD at Cardiff University.

My areas of expertise are Quantitative Methods, Social Psychology, and Individual Differences. 

Teaching responsibilities

I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.

Research interests


International experience

I started my career in Brazil and have ongoing collaborations with several institutions and researchers.

Recent publications

Colman, R.D., Vione, K.C., & Kotera, Y. (2022): Psychological risk factors for depression in the UK general population: derailment, self-criticism and self-reassurance. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 1-18.

Simonovic, B., Vione, K.C., Fido, D., Stupple, E. J. N., Martin, J. & Clarke, R. (2022). The impact of attitudes, beliefs, and cognitive reflection on the development of critical thinking skills in online students. Online Learning, 26(2), 254-274.

Kotera, Y., Lyons, M., Vione, K. C., & Norton, B. (2021). Effect of nature walks on depression and anxiety: A systematic review. Sustainability13(7), 4015.

Nascimento, B.; Little, A.; Monteiro, R.; Hanel, P.; Vione, K.C. (2021). Attachment styles and mate retention: Exploring the mediating role of relationship satisfaction. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

Vione, K.C., & Kotera, Y. (2021). Commentary: Mindfulness-based approaches for COVID-19 mental health in working from home. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 1-7.

Kotera, Y., & Vione, K.C. (2020). Psychological impacts of the New Ways of Working (NWW): a systematic review. International journal of environmental research and public health17(14), 5080.

Cavalcanti, T. M., de Holanda Coelho, G. L., Rezende, A. T., Vione, K. C., & Gouveia, V. V. (2018). Decisional and Emotional Forgiveness Scales: Psychometric Validity and Correlates with Personality and Vengeance. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 1-18.

Hanel, P. H., Maio, G. R., Soares, A. K. S., Vione, K. C., Coelho, G. L. D. H., Gouveia, V. V., ... & Manstead, A. S. (2018). Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities in Human Value Instantiation. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 849.

Hanel, P. H., Vione, K. C., Hahn, U., & Maio, G.R. (2017). Value Instantiations: The Missing Link Between Values and Behavior? In S. Roccas & L. Sagiv (Eds), Values and behaviour: taking a cross-cultural perspective (pp. 175-190). Springer.

Hanel, P. H., & Vione, K. C. (2016). Do Student Samples Provide an Accurate Estimate of the General Public?. PloS one11(12), e0168354.

Gouveia, V. V., Vione, K. C., Milfont, T. L., Fischer, R. (2015). Patterns of value change during the life span: Some evidence from a functional approach of values. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41, 1276-1290.


A pair of arms holding a newspaper shot on a white background

In this blog, Katia Correa Vione, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, explores how exposure to negative news affects our mental health.