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Dr Katia Vione

Lecturer in Psychology




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


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Human Sciences Research Centre





I joined the University of Derby in April 2017, having previously worked as a lecturer in Brazil and as a teaching assistant at Cardiff University.

I received a BSc and MSc in Psychology from the Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil) and my PhD from Cardiff University.

My main area of expertise is Social Psychology and my research has focused on theory and measurement of human values, social perception and interpersonal relationships. I also have experience in research methods, statistics, and validation and adaptation of questionnaires.

Research interests

  • Social perception
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Theory and measurement of human values
  • Relationship between values and behaviour


  • BSc in Psychology, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil, 2010
  • MSc in Psychology, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil, 2012
  • PhD in Psychology, Cardiff University, UK, 2017

Recent publications

Hanel, P. H., Vione, K. C., Hahn, U., & Maio, G.R. (2017). Value Instantiations: The Missing Link Between Values and Behavior? In S. Roccas & L. Sagiv (Eds), Values and behaviour: taking a cross-cultural perspective (pp. 175-190). Springer.

Hanel, P. H., & Vione, K. C. (2016). Do Student Samples Provide an Accurate Estimate of the General Public?. PloS one11(12), e0168354.

Gouveia, V. V., Vione, K. C., Milfont, T. L., Fischer, R. (2015). Patterns of value change during the life span: Some evidence from a functional approach of values. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41, 1276-1290.

Gouveia, V.V., Milfont, T.L., Vione, K.C., Santos, W.S. (2015). Guiding actions and expressing needs: On the psychological function of values. Psykhe, 24, 1-14.

Fonseca, P.N., Nascimento, B.S., Barbosa, L.H.G.M., Vione, K.C., Gouveia, V.V. (2015). Flourishing scale: Evidence of its suitability in a Brazilian context. Social Inquiry into Well-being, 1, 33-40.

Vione, K.C., Barbosa, L.H.G.M., Gusmao, E.E.S. (2013). Testing values structure in different developmental groups. In: Roazzi, A.; Souza, B.C.; Bilsky, W. (Eds.). Facet Theory: Searching for Structure in Complex Social, Cultural & Psychological Phenomena. 1ed.: 2013, p. 282-295.

Sousa, D.M.F., Vione, K.C., Soares, A.K.S. (2013). Valores humanos: socialização, desenvolvimento e mudança. [Human values: Socialization and change]. In: Ronald Taveira da Cruz; Estefânea Élida da Silva Gusmão. (Ed.). PSICOLOGIA: conceitos, técnicas e pesquisas.1ed.Curitiba: Editora CVR, 2013, v. II, p. 25-56.

Gouveia, V.V., Milfont, T.L., Gouveia, R.S.V., Medeiros, E.D., Vione, K.C., Soares, A.K.S. (2012). Escala de vitalidade subjetiva: Adaptação ao contexto brasileiro. [Subjective vitality scale: Adaptation to a Brazilian context]. Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa (UnB. Impresso), 28, 5-13.

Pimentel, C.E., Milfont, T.L., Gouveia, V.V., Mendes, L.A.C., Vione, K.C. (2012). Escala de atitudes frente ao dinheiro (MAS): Teste de modelos e poder preditivo. [Attitudes towards money scale: Testing models and predictive power]. Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 46, 209-218.


A pair of arms holding a newspaper shot on a white background

In this blog, Katia Correa Vione, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, explores how exposure to negative news affects our mental health.