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Dr Justin Steele-Davies

Academic Lead for Engineering and Course Director

Justin Steele-Davies


Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Entertainment Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Motorsport Engineering


University of Derby Online Learning


My passion has always been between the technical and educational. 

I began working within the Higher Education sector on physics education materials between my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These projects focused on delivering flexible self-study material for Physics and Mathematics. The project proved to have additional challenges when translated for online study due to the difficulty or arranging formulaic layouts and the progression in solving mathematical problems. 

My PhD work was focussed in the area of atomic and molecular spectroscopy, which involved the application of intense ultrashort laser pulses, vacuum systems, control integration and high speed signal processing.  

Having worked across both the technical and educational fields, I am now intrigued by how new approaches and technologies can support higher education and working at UDOL is giving me the ideal opportunity to be involved at the leading edge of development.

Professional interests

I am involved in the application of technology to assist in teaching. There is increasing interest around the use of video with the proliferation of lecture capture tools. I am also interested in the curriculum design and authoring process and how this can be supported in meaningful ways.


Additional interests and activities

I have been sub-aqua diving for 15+ years and organised the training for a range of university clubs. This is both an interest from the experience and the technical aspects involved in planning, undertaking and maintaining the dive and dive equipment.

I also swim regularly and aim to get back into cycling again having had a break for the last few years.

Recent publications

Steele-Davies, J., 2014. A helping hand for academics capturing their content on video. In: Association for Learning Technology, Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave. Warwick, 1-3 September 2014. Available through: ALT