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Dr Jenny Hallam

Lecturer in Psychology


College of Life and Natural Sciences


School of Human Sciences


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am a critical Psychologist who specialises in qualitative methods. My research interests centre on exploring the educational contexts that shape children’s artistic development, the early sexualisation of young people, women’s experiences of birth and nature connectedness.

Teaching responsibilities

Most of my teaching focuses on qualitative research methods and I am the qualitative subject lead. I also teach Developmental Psychology, Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology and Social Psychology.

Professional interests

I completed my PhD 'A Critical Analysis of Art Education in English Primary Schools' at Staffordshire University in 2008. My PhD research used ethnographic methods informed by social constructionism to explore the educational contexts which shape children's artistic development. The thesis brought a new research approach to the study of child art within developmental psychology and sought to identify educational practices which could be detrimental to the development of expression in children's artwork.

More recently I have been involved in projects based in a number of different areas. I am currently working on a project which adopts a critical approach to explore the early sexualisation of young people and a Community Psychology project which has developed a research collaboration with the Positive Birth Movement. Finally, I have worked collaboratively on nature connectedness projects.

Research interests

My current research interests centre on:

1) Exploring children's experiences of art in the classroom and how children would like to see art taught.

2) Designing, implementing and evaluating art interventions designed to enable primary teachers to teach art more effectively.

3) Investigating how art is taught and evaluated by teachers working in different educational systems (State, Steiner and Montessori).

4) Examining how child artists and non artists conceptualise artistic processes.

5) Young people's involvement with community art projects.

6) The Postive Birth movement and women's experience of birth

7) The early sexualisation of young people

8) Nature connectedness

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