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Dr James Williams

Senior Lecturer in Therapeutic Arts (Music) Ethnomusicologist


Therapeutic Arts


College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Allied Health and Social Care


Britannia Mill, Derby Campus, Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am an ethnomusicologist, and have been a Senior Lecturer in Therapeutic Arts (Music) since 2015, having previously lectured in Music Composition for four years at the University of Hertfordshire. I am the Programme Leader for the undergraduate and integrated Masters degrees in Arts & Health, focussing on the use of interdisciplinary arts as a tool for wellbeing. My teaching spans disciplines of applied arts, health humanities, medical and arts anthropologies, and community arts.

I originally studied music at the University of Bristol and at the University of Edinburgh before completing a doctorate on the behavioural, social, and creative processes behind collaborative music-making in groups between composers and performers. ​My research interests focus on social and cross-cultural anthropologies of music, exploring the interactive and communicative aspects of performance and composition.

As an ethnomusicologist, my research rests on ethnographic method. Recent studies include: digital musicology and ethnographies of online political media; the role of social media as a platform for reflective practice in Higher Education music programmes; music-making as a means of cultural preservation in Tibetan Schools for refugee children in Northern India; ‘collaborative music notation’ as a design-tool in groups for improved social interaction; site-specificity in outdoors HE Arts & Health projects; and developing autoethnographic method both for composer and performer wellbeing, and for community musicians. I am currently co-editing a book on Music, Space, and Site, exploring increasingly geographic approaches to ethnomusicology.

I am also the Principal Editor of the international and peer-reviewed Journal of Music, Health, and Wellbeing (JMHW) (ISSN 2515-981X). JMHW offers online publications for current research into applied music across a broad range of disciplines and subject areas, including Health and Social Care, Education and Creativity, Therapeutic Arts (such as Music Therapy), Arts and/for Health, Health Humanities, Social Sciences & Public Health perspectives of Music (including Cultural, Social, and Medical Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Music Sociology, Music Psychology, and Music & Neuroscience), practices in Composition, Performance, Improvisation, & Listening, and Community Music. 

Teaching responsibilities

Programme Leadership

Module Leadership

PhD Supervision

1. 2015 - current. 3rd Supervisor, Doctorate in Professional Practice, Leadership.

2. 2018 - current. Director of Studies (1st Supervisor), ‘Performing Motherhood: using creative babywearing dance practice to facilitate embodied awareness and ways of knowing’.

3. 2018 - current. 2nd Supervisor. ‘Does Race Matter in Dramatherapy?’

Professional interests

Research interests

Membership of professional bodies

  • FHEA (Fellow of Higher Education Academy)


Thesis: Analytical Explorations of Creative Interaction and Collaborative Process Through Composition, Rehearsal and Performance: A Composer-Composer Case Study Of Acoustic Music With Live Electronics.

Composition Portfolio: Re-scoring Man Ray: Experimental composition for La Retour a la Raison (1923) and The Starfish (1928) (for contemporary ensemble and live electronics).

Research Project: Using YouTube as an Educational Resource: Enriching the Teaching and Learning of Music in Higher Education.

Dissertation: Bringing the Movie to Life (and) The Incident With The Broom: Brushing back the covers of Dukas' and Disney's L'apprenti Sorcier (1897, 1940).

International experience

Since joining the University in 2015, I have traveled internationally to:

In the media

Williams, J. (2020) ‘Exploring Health and Wellbeing through Medical Ethnomusicology: Implications for early-career researchers and educationists’ in Shaping the present by the Future: Ethno/musicology and Contemporaneity. The Institute of Musciology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Belgrage. September 2020. forthcoming

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Williams, J. (2018) ‘Music, Political Media, and Fake News: The Impact of Viral Propaganda on Generation ‘M’ through Cassetteboy vs. Donald Trump (2016)’ in Music and Musicology in the Age of Post-Truth. University College Dublin. September 2018.

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Book Sections:

Williams, J. (2020) ‘Music, Theatre, and Heritage in a Tibetan Refugee School, Himachel Pradesh, India: Preserving Cultural Identity through the Performing Arts’ in Williams, J., and Horlor, S. (eds.) Geographical Ethnomusicologies: Place, Performance, and Politics. (proposed title) J Stanford Publishing. (Forthcoming).

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Edited Volumes:

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