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Professor James Elander

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College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


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Health and Social Care Research Centre




Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am an HCPC-registered (Health Care Professions Council) health psychologist. I conduct research on psychological and behavioural aspects of chronic illness, including pain coping and pain management, and how people use pain medication. I also have a longstanding interest in the psychology of learning and teaching, especially student writing.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach undergraduate Psychology final year modules about forensic psychology, educational psychology, addictive behaviours, and the psychology of pain. I also teach on the MSc Health Psychology and MSc Behaviour Change and supervise undergraduate, MSc and PhD research.

Research interests

I am interested in behavioural and psychological aspects of pain management and pain medication use in painful chronic conditions such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease, dysmenorrhea and chronic headache. This includes developing and evaluating interventions to improve people's self-management of pain, and studies of the interpersonal staff-patient dynamics that affect the quality of pain management and people's satisfaction with treatment for pain, especially in hospital.

Most recently, I have been conducting research on people's experiences of treatment for end-stage kidney disease with haemodialysis, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the development of support based on psychological models for people receiving haemodialysis.

I am also interested in student learning and academic writing, especially in the transition to university. This includes developing and evaluating interventions that help students improve their academic writing and avoid unintentional plagiarism, especially by improving students' 'authorial identity' and their understanding of the assessment criteria for student writing.

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