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Dr Iride Azara

Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events

Dr Iride Azara at the INC 2018 conference


Tourism Management


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Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism

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Buxton Campus



I am a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events at the Centre for Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism. I am also the Masters Scheme Leader for the Postgraduate taught courses MSc Tourism Management; MSc International Hospitality Management and MSc Events Management.

I am an active researcher across several University research groups and international research associations. I have extensive research background on the changing dynamics of cultural tourism practices such as heritage, festivals and events and how they can be used as opportunities for the sustainable revitalisation of communities and destinations alike. I am also actively researching in the areas of Tourism and Wellbeing with a particular focus on the role nature and protected areas can have on tourists’ subjective wellbeing.

I have published in a variety of international refereed journals and books. I regularly act as a reviewer for a number of academic journals and international research conferences such as Eurochrie, the INC and Atlas and I sit on the European editorial board of the International Journal of Spa and Wellness. I have guest edited several special issues for the Journal of Event Management and edited a book on Tourism, Health and Wellbeing in Protected Areas published by CABI.

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I have worked and continue to work with a number of large and small organisations in a research and consultancy capacity.

Prior to my academic career, I worked in award-winning 4*and 5* star hotels in the island of Sardinia, Italy and for the second-largest Italian airline, Meridiana Fly, originally founded by the Aga Kahn, Prince Karim al-Hussayni.

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Edited books

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  • Clarke, A., Azara, I., Michopoulou, E., Niccolini, F., & Taff, D., (2018) Reconsidering the relationship between Tourism, Health, Wellbeing and Protected Areas, in Azara, I., Michopoulou, E., Niccolini, F., Taff, D., & Clarke, A. (Eds) Tourism, Health, and Wellbeing and Protected Areas, CABI 
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