Staff profile

Dr Ihsan Foster

Senior Lecturer in Postgraduate Studies


College of Arts, Humanities and Education


Institute of Education


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



Welcome to my staff profile. Like many of my senior colleagues at the University of Derby, my career in Higher Education spans over twenty-two years. Prior to that, I worked as a senior researcher, research consultant, primary school teacher, and an Assistant Dean of Education in a Higher Education Institution. 

At the University of Derby, I am the Programme Leader for the Doctorate in Education (EdD) and I supervise several Doctorate students. I also teach across several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including the BA (Hons) in Education Studies, MA in Education, and the Professional Doctorate in Education. 

Over the years, I have engaged in national and international research including Initial Teacher Training, antisemitism in education, teacher education, the recruitment and retention of teachers in challenging schools, career professional development for education senior and middle managers, educational technology, and the assessment of crime reduction initiatives (please refer to my list of previous and current publications for more details).

Teaching responsibilities

I teach across a range of programmes at the University of Derby in areas including psychology in education, philosophy of education, educational and social theory, educational politics, sociology, and research methodology. I lead and teach on the following modules:

I welcome applications to study for doctoral research degrees in education.

Research interests

Membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Experience in industry

Research grants and consultancy work include the:

Recent publications

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