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Dr Harry (Hongqing) Yu

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Harry Yu




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I am a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of MSc Big Data Analytics in the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Derby. My teaching expertise is in Data Science and Machine Learning. I am a very active researcher as a member of the Data Science Research Centre at the University.

Before joining the University of Derby, I worked as Senior Lecturer in Data Science and a Course Leader for MSc Sensor and Smart Cities.

I have been involved in more than ten research projects that mostly were supported by European Committee Research Frameworks and regional SME development frameworks. I obtained PhD award from the University of Leicester in 2009 and continued my research in the fields of Data/Text Mining, Semantic technologies, Deep Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for healthcare, multimedia and learning systems.

Teaching responsibilities

I am the Programme Leader of MSc Big Data Analytics, as well as the module leader for Data Mining and Foundations of AI.

I have a rich PhD supervising experience as I was the first and second supervisor from my previous institute and I am continually looking to supervise PhD students in my current school.

Some of the PhD students I have supervised have completed the following dissertations: 

Research interests

My current research is in wide areas of Data Science and Machine Learning. The main theme is knowledge discovery and representation from cutting-edge technologies (Data/Text Mining, Semantic technologies, Deep Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing) in healthcare systems and other ICT applications.

There are two major research strands that I am currently working on:

  1. Health-related Causality Analysis and Discovery through multiple trusted data resources and different formates (Literature, images and clinical dataset)
  2. IoT-led context-aware machine learning system to support runtime application systems

I am pursuing research collaborations at all levels with organisations, SMEs or individuals who are interested in or can get benefits from my research work

The projects I have been involved with are as follows:


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