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Matt Gilooly

Learning Technology Media Adviser


Learning and Teaching



My role with the University is to increase the use of media and its surrounding technologies within teaching to impact students in a meaningful way. I try to create content that is engaging and eye catching at all times.

Professional interests

My professional interests are in how media is distributed and behaviours around its consumption. With this information, you can craft content with a specific target audience and message in mind and receive higher engagement in that content to help support teaching.

Research interests

My research interests include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit and how online communities can thrive under the right conditions. My aim is to figure out how to cultivate these thriving audiences and bring similar environments to online learning at the University.


BA (Hons) Media Production (First Class) University of Derby

Experience in industry

My industry experience ranges from film production - working on short and feature films - to consulting on video content within marketing agencies. I have created content for a range of clients from documentaries to short engaging campaign content. During my experience, I have learned about marketing and the analytics used within social media platforms and how that can inform decisions on the content you create.

International experience

I have undertaken international projects, filming in all sorts of enviroments for Vlogs and public relations and marketing videos. I have travelled to places such as Iceland, Budapest, Paris, America, and Ireland, as well as filming at other international universities.  

Additional interests and activities

My additional interests include a variety of art forms, however, illustration is my main focus. I also enjoy photography and cinematography and enjoy taking on projects in my spare time to improve my skills. 

Recent publications

I have consulted on the Engineering films created by the Student Union, one of which can be seen here

My latest video series in a studio-based environment can be seen here. A staff login is needed to view this.

360 videos created to to improve students' understanding of issues in child protection to enhance their employability which are to be used as part of an interactive case study series. A staff login is needed to view this.

A documentary I created about Freshwater pearl mussels.