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Faith Vargasf

Lecturer in Pre-Qualifying Adult Nursing




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Allied Health and Social Care



As a lecturer in Adult Nursing, I am involved in delivering Stage 2 of the undergraduate Adult Nursing programme. This involves teaching clinical skills, supporting students as a personal tutor and helping to prepare students for Stage 3 of their course. 

After qualifying as a nurse myself at the University of Derby, I went on to work in Neuro Intensive Care with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. It is here that I developed a variety of knowledge and clinical skills which I have brought forward to my role as a lecturer. I still work clinically alongside my role at the University and it is through this that I keep up to date with current changes and advances within nursing. I have a keen interest in neuroscience and also a particular passion for sepsis, which is why I am a Sepsis Link Nurse within my area of work on Neuro Critical Care.

Teaching responsibilities

I am part of Stage 2 of the Nursing programme, which means I am involved with teaching mainly at level 5. My role includes supporting students through Stage 2 of the course, facilitating students in learning clinical skills, including through simulation. I also have personal students who I can support throughout their journey on the programme.

Professional interests

I am incredibly passionate about nursing, as this passion transcends across many topics. I have a keen interest clinically in Neuro Science and also in Sepsis. I am the Sepsis link nurse for Neuro Critical Care at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and use this opportunity to help train and support nurses in recognises the early signs and symptoms of sepsis and treating it.

I also have a keen interest in Nursing Ethics and Philosophy which is something I would like to further my understanding of.

Membership of professional bodies


Recent conferences

BANN (British Association of Neuroscience Nurses) 2017

Experience in industry

My background is as a staff nurse on Neuro Critical Care.

International experience

I studied in Norway for a year following my A levels, where I became proficient in the Norwegian Language. I also spent time volunteering in Peru, shortly before commencing my Nursing degree.

Whilst a Student Nurse I spent time in Kerala (India) where I learnt many valuable skills that have greatly contributed to the nurse I am today. I also gained first-hand experience in leprosy, tuberculosis, malnutrition and many other conditions which are uncommon within the UK.