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Dr Ed Stupple

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Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I graduated with BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Derby in 1998 and went on to graduate with an MSc in Cognitive Psychology in 2001. I completed my Ph.D. in March 2007 and am employed as an Associate Professor in the Psychology discipline in the School of Human Sciences. My PhD concerned strategies and processing in syllogistic reasoning using a computer based inspection time and process tracing methodology, in order to test current theories of syllogistic inference. 

I developed an online MSc Psychology conversion programme which was the first of its kind to be accredited by the British Psychology Society and have lead this programme since 2011. I have also lead modules on research methods, cognitive psychology and on the psychology of rationality, I am the Cognitive Psychology lead for the psychology team.

I am the current chair of the College of Life and Natural Sciences Research Ethics Committee. 

Teaching responsibilities

I have a range of teaching responsibilities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These are predominantly focused on cognitive psychology and research methods.

Research interests

There are three strands to my research: First, fundamental research in the psychology of reasoning, examining the cognitive and neuroscientific underpinnings of our thought processes, with particular interest in dual process accounts of reasoning, decision making and bias that emphasise the interplay between fast intuitive and emotional processing and slow, controlled analytic processing. Second, the development of Psychometric Tools to measure individual differences in a range of domains, for example: academic dispositions and carers related quality of life. Third, applying psychological theory and findings to real world problems including the role of stress in decision-making and cognitive load in complex working environments. Where possible I prioritise student involvement in research with successes on the URSS, TIR, and RICF funds leading to student co-authorships.

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