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Dr Dominic Petronzi





College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Psychology




Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I started teaching at the University of Derby in September 2017 after completing my PhD. This body of work explored the origins of maths anxiety and found that the underlying factors that can negatively influence the maths experiences of older populations are also experienced by children aged 4-7 years, suggesting an earlier onset than had previously been theorised in the area.

This resulted in the development of the Childrens Maths Anxiety Scale UK (CMAS-UK) a valid and reliable assessment scale for measuring and identifying maths anxiety. My work has culminated in a British Psychological Society and Continuing Professional Development endorsed short course and, as part of the Maths Anxiety Research Group (MARG) here at the university, I have supported the development of a free online maths anxiety crash-course. 

Teaching responsibilities

I am currently a Lecturer in Psychology and teach/lead modules in the areas of social psychology, psychology of education, and development on our online BSc and MSc degrees. 

Professional interests

Utilising my academic and research background, I am an author of a research-informed series of children's book that addresses a range of current issues. The series aims to make academic research that is relevant and important to a child’s development accessible for children, teachers, parents, and carers. I recently launched a children’s book surrounding healthy eating alongside First Steps ED which supports people in Derbyshire who are living with eating disorders. This project was supported by the Derbyshire Foundation resulting in 5000 copies being printed and shared across Derby and Derbyshire schools, with a free downloadable version being available nationally and internationally.

Research interests

  • Measuring and understanding mathematics anxiety in younger populations
  • Developing and testing the efficacy of strategies to reduce maths anxiety and increase attainment


  • PhD in Psychology (University of Derby)
  • Master of Research (MRes; University of Derby)
  • BSc Hons in Psychology (University of Derby)

Recent conferences

Petronzi, D. (2021). A storybook approach to maths anxiety. (British Dyslexia Association International Conference 2021 - Advancing dyslexia and dyscalculia). 

Experience in industry

Beyond academia, I have significant experience of working with complex behaviour, Autism Spectrum Disorder and personality disorders in a range of settings, including primary/secondary education and residential settings.  I have worked collaboratively with multiple agencies, including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), educational psychology services, behaviour support, language therapist, National Teaching and Advisory Service and social workers.

I previously led a behaviour support program and have been instrumental in the successful transitions from primary to secondary school of children with complex behaviours, including attachment disorder.

Recent publications

  • Sparrow, A., Smith, S., Petronzi, D., Wilson, H., Roeschlaub, S., & Smith, M. (2020). Student autonomy of feedback format in higher education and perceived functional behaviours for academic development. Journal of Pedagogical Research, 4, 98-111.
  • Fido, D., Rees, A., Clarke, P., Petronzi, D., & Richardson, M. (2020). Examining the connection between nature connectedness and dark personality. Journal of Environmental Psychology72, 101499. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2020.101499
  • Petronzi, R, D., & Petronzi, D. (2020). The Online and Campus (OaC) model as a sustainable blended approach to teaching and learning in higher education: A response to COVID-19. Journal of Pedagogical Research, online first. doi: 10.33902/JPR.2020064475
  • Harper, C. A., Fido, D., & Petronzi, D. (2021). Delineating non-consensual sexual image offending: Towards an empirical approach. Aggression and Violent Behaviour. doi: 1016/j.avb.2021.101547 
  • Petronzi, R., Petronzi, D., & Owen, K. (2021, February 25). Putting Learning First. Nature news
  • Petronzi, D., Hunt, T., & Sheffield, D. (2021). Interventions to address mathematics anxiety: An overview and recommendations (Preprint). doi: