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Dr David Hicks

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Programme Leader

David Hicks




College of Business, Law and Social Sciences


Derby Law School

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Social, Cultural and Legal Research Centre


One Friar Gate Square, Derby Campus



I am a Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Programme Leader for the MSc Financial Investigation and Digital Intelligence, and Programme Leader for the MSc Criminal Investigation.

I have over 20 years of academic, research and professional experience. This includes national and international recognition as a specialist in financial crime and financial investigation, criminal/financial intelligence, organised crime, and crime prevention. It also includes experience of lecturing in criminology at Cardiff University and the University of Ottawa.

I currently supervise three PhD candidates in addition to a number of postgraduates and undergraduates. I have supervised three PhD candidates to successful completion as well as over 40 empirical research projects at postgraduate and undergraduate level.

I am happy to receive expressions of interest from prospective doctoral research applicants with interests in the following areas (and am happy to receive requests to serve as an examiner for doctoral viva voce examinations in the following areas):

Please note that any discussion of expressions of interest to study for a PhD would be informal, and that the only basis for a potential offer is the formal application process.

I am a member of the College Research Committee (CRC) as well as the College Research Ethics Committee (CREC).

Teaching responsibilities



Professional interests

My professional interests focus on the topic areas of financial crime, money laundering, financial investigation, financial intelligence, fraud, organised crime, cyber-crime, digital investigation and digital intelligence.

I am a member of the Midlands Fraud Forum (MFF) and sit on its steering committee. Affiliated with the National Network of Fraud Forums, the MFF is an active body that promotes awareness, education, and good practice in tackling fraud and financial/economic crime affecting the public and private sectors.

Research interests

Running parallel to my professional interests, my research interests focus on the topic areas of:

I welcome requests for professional support in reviewing the merits of funding applications and works submitted for potential publication, and have provided such service to the following bodies:

I welcome requests to serve as an examiner for prospective PhD viva voce examinations in my areas of specialisation, and have supervised the following PhDs to successful completion:

Membership of professional bodies


Recent conferences

International experience

Lecturing experience in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

Project work with colleagues in various countries and regions such as Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Recent publications

Hicks, D.C, and Graycar, A. (2019, Summer Forthcoming). “Money Laundering”, in  Mangai Natarajan (ed.) International and Transnational Crime and Justice: An Anthology, New York: Cambridge.

Hughes, C., Hicks, D., and Tolkovsky, N. (Under Review) Civil Forfeiture of the Proceeds of Crime.

Hicks, D., Tolkovsky, N., Hughes, C., Bandyopadhyay, S., and Matsa, A.  (2017) Cybercrime Systematic Evidence Review (Unpublished Research Report). London: College of Policing. A study completed under the Better Policing Collaborative (BPC) sponsored by the Police Knowledge Fund (PKF), financed by the College of Policing, Hefce and the Home Office.