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Christine Parker

Senior Lecturer in Film and Video Production

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Art and Design, Film and Media


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Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre




Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



I am I am a Senior Lecturer in Film and Video on the BA (Hons) Film and Video Production and the University of Derby. I am a feature film screenwriter and director and I also specialise in teaching short film. I have supervised thousands of shorts from script to production in both the UK and abroad since I began teaching the form in 2001. I hold a post graduate qualification in tertiary education and I am passionate about student-centered learning. I enjoy supporting and exploring creativity with all the students I teach, across the range of specialised film roles. I also teach both acting for the screen and directing actors for the screen.

Teaching responsibilities

Research interests

As well as narrative film making I have an interest in film and video art. I am a member of the DMARC research group. I'm currently attached as Director to feature film Cold Mile House; a contemporary Gothic psychological horror with Producers Tom Craig and Catherine Fitzgerald. I have several other international features in development as a writer.

In the last few years I have developed a research interest in video art/avant guard film as a counterbalance to all my narrative work. ' Quickening' (2012), a project I made with colleagues Stephen Watson and Dr Jane Fletcher, was exhibited at The Sichuan Institute of Fine Art in China.

I'm particularly interested in:

Membership of professional bodies

Writers Guild and Directors Guild.


Recent conferences

Various presentations of 'Quickening' as a work in Progress

Experience in industry

For selected filmography please see my profile on Linked in, Screen Arts Studio website, Screen Arts Studio on facebook or Having also been script supervisor on over 30 international (mostly American) feature films I also have plenty of on-set experience of working with practitioners of all the film crafts and a well developed knowledge of film grammer. Parrallel to teaching, I have sustained a 15 year career in screen writing, commissioned by both independent production companies and by state funding agencies. I have also written and directed television drama in New Zealand and in Canada.

International experience

I've had films in over dozens of international film festivals and competitions, and sales in many territories internationally. I was formerly Head of Screen Arts at the Unitec School of Performing and Screen Arts in Auckland New Zealand.

Recent publications

The 'Quickening' project.