research student

Beth Wood

Postgraduate Research Student




College of Arts, Humanities and Education





I am a full-time PhD student and graduate teaching assistant. I worked as a radio journalist for several years before branching out into education and qualifying as a teacher. I have taught English, Media and Journalism to students from secondary school all the way through to higher education.

My area of research explores how post-millennials access and engage with the news and the reasoning behind this. In addition to this, I am interested in the impact of developing technologies and societies on the industry as well as the implications for local journalism.

Thesis title 

Digital Media Ecosystems: An analysis of post-millennial news consumption and its impact on evolving concepts and applications in journalism


Teaching responsibilities

I help teach the Introduction to Journalism module and, as well as conducting lectures, I arranged individual tutorials with students to provide formative feedback. In addition, I mark and moderate assignments.

I have also been the lead in organising and delivering journalism workshops for foundation year students to help increase retention on the journalism programme.

Finally, I have second-marked and moderated the Independent Study module for all journalism students. This also involved the completion of a moderation feedback.