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Dr Ben Roberts

Senior Lecturer in Psychology




College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Psychology


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

Teaching responsibilities

I am the Module Leader for Psychological Research in Practice (level 4) and Research and Evaluation (level 7), as well as the level 6 leader. I contribute to the teaching on a range of modules including Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology (level 4), Introduction to Social and Cognitive Psychology (level 4), Psychology in the Modern World (level 4), Quantitative Methods and Individual Differences (level 5), Anomalistic Psychology and Parapsychology (level 5), and Forensic Applications of Psychology (level 6). I also supervise research projects across a range of programmes.

Research interests

I recently completed my PhD in which I examined a collection of people's experiences of apparent extra-sensory perception (ESP) and conducted two laboratory ESP studies. I am particularly interested in cognitive aspects of these experiences, including issues around perception, memory and rational thinking. I have recently developed an interest in forensic psychology, particularly eyewitness testimony and identification evidence.

Membership of professional bodies

I am a Supporting Member of the Parapsychological Association


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