Professor Angela Dean

Position: Head of Department of Engineering

College: College of Engineering and Technology

Department: Engineering

Subject area: Engineering

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Head of Department of Engineering


Research interests

I have undertaken a large amount of educational research both individually and collaboratively in the fields of environmental and ethical design, materials teaching, the build environment and women in engineering and design education.

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 1985
  • Chartered Engineer, 1991
  • Fellow of the Institute of Learning Teaching, 2002
  • Registered Practicioner , HEA 2006
  • Member of British Standards Sub-Committee PH/3/11 - Protective Equipment for Sports Players (2000 - 2003)
  • Member of the Steering Group for Materials Education in the UK for the HE Academy (2005 - 2010)
  • Committee member of the Engineering Professors Council/Heads of Mechanical Engineering Forum (2009 - present)


  • BSc Metallurgy (1st Class Honours), University of Surrey (1976)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Physics), Keele University (1982)
  • Diploma in Pollution Control/PgC Environmental Decision, Open University (1996)

Recent publications

  • M Okoroh, A Dean, C Ideki, User Behaviour in Energy Efficient Management, Second International Conference on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development, Nigeria, June 2010
  • Nagwa Radwan, Angela Dean, Amin Al-habaibeh, A Correlation between Knowledge Management in Small-to-Medium Enterprises within the Construction Industry and Workforce Diversity Management, CCIM2006, October 2006.
  • A. M. Dean, The Education of an Informed and Critical Ethical Designer, Institution of Engineering Designers Conference, Bournemouth, September 2003
  • A. M. Dean, A shop floor view of E-learning, BEAR Conference, Salford, April 2003.
  • T Ruxton, A Dean, Incorporated Engineers - Technological Innovators of the Future, Engineering Council Conference, Institution of Electrical Engineers, October 1999.
  • B Sharpe, E R Edwards, A M Dean, A Layered Architecture for Multi-agent Systems to Support a Water Rehabilitation Strategy, ICEIS conference, 2002.
  • A.M.Dean, Categorisation of Cast Iron Pipes, International Distribution Systems Symposium on June 10-11, 2000, Colarado USA.
  • A.M.Dean, Categorisation of Cast Iron Pipes, UKWIR 5th Annual Research Dissemination Seminar, University of Warwick, April 1999.
  • B Sharp, A M Dean, D Davies, G Bancroft, The Development of Expert System for the Support of Water Engineers in Planning Rehabilitation, Water Conference 1998.
  • Dina Al-Rashdan, Bashar Al-Kloub, A.M.Dean, Tarik Al-Shemmeri, Environmental impact assessment and ranking the environmental projects in Jordan, European Journal of Operational Research, 1996.
  • A M Dean, T Koch, Assessment of Corrosion Trends in a Potable Water Distribution System Including an Automatic Analysis Technique, Corrosion and Related Aspects of Materials for Potable Water Supplies, The Institute of Materials, 1993. ISBN 0-901716-47-2.

Experience in industry

Consultant - Water Industry and Failure Analysis Investigations

I have carried out a variety of failure analysis consultancy and research work over the past 20 years for individual companies. Most of the work involved was commercially sensitive so that research papers were not generally given. A number of papers are shown below, but these do not represent the amount of research carried out in the area (see Additional Consultancy Reports).

The Water Industry Consultancy Project ran successfully for over seventeen years at Staffordshire University (from 1983 - 2000), generated more than £250, 000 for the University and tested in excess of 6,000 pipe samples in order to assess the condition of their water mains for the AMP (1 - 3) exercises. Several water companies were involved including Severn Trent Water plc and South West Water plc. Some of the project work was also undertaken with Pipeline Developments Ltd.

The pipe sample data was collected in database form and statistically analysed and a prototype expert systems were written and delivered to both Severn Trent Water and South West Water. This project was extended for Severn Trent Water to include other information so that a complete predictive tool was produced and delivered in 2003.

Additional project work for UKWIR was undertaken in 1998 -2000 concerning the categorisation of cast iron pipes for the water industry. (Published Papers below)

Additional Consultancy Reports

  • Engineering Critical Assessment of the Inner Pressure Vessels in Transportable Pressure Receptacles XL 65 and XL 65 HP for Energas Ltd, Derby 2005
  • Pipe Corrosion Analysis Tool, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Report, Severn Trent Water plc, June 2001
  • Failure Analysis of Three Fire Hydrants for Pipeline Developments Ltd, 1998
  • Analysis of Quality Problems in an Epoxy Coating, Report for Mercol Products Ltd, 1997
  • Corrosion Assessment of Failed Kiln Tie Bars for Eternit Clay Tiles Limited 1997
  • Structural Condition Assessment of Flanged Joints in the Firemain System for Stores Buildings at COD Donnigton for Trafalgar House (Construction Management Ltd), 1996
  • Structural Condition Assessment of the HTHW Boiler System at COD Donnington for Trafalgar House (Construction Management Ltd) 1994
  • Structural Condition Assessment of the Pumping Main Connecting Coleshill Sewage Works and Incineration Plant to Minworth Sewage Works, 1996
  • Procedures for Corrosion Testing of Cast Iron Water Main Samples, Severn Trent Water plc, 1996

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